Some performance info (little sad but will get over it soone enough)

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  1. Just got back from the local dealership and they said that the FRPP hotrod cam's wont fit my 2010. I just got the wifes approval today after playing hours of sound clips with 05-09 cars convincing her that we had to have these. So I ran up to the dealership and was shot down. They said maybe the end of the summer. Don't think I can wait that long with a stock car.

    They also said the FRPP shorty headers would be a waste of my money. I know long tubes are better but our local laws wont allow for long tubes so I was looking to max out as much as I could and stay legal without killing my warantee as well. Thoughts on this?

    Some good news though. They did confirm that if I bought the parts from them and they installed them it would not impact my warantee. They also have the FRPP catback in stock. Was planning on Steeda or bassani though but they haven't come out with 2010 exhaust yet. Catback is easy enough so I'll wait till I can see those first.

    Being shot down on performance parts I started asking about wheels. They said that they can transfer the stock sensors to aftermarket rims without a problem. They said they are fragile parts so most other shops can't do it right but were confident that if I brought them the rims and tires they could do it for me (they don't offer what I want).

    Sorry for the novel but I figured I'm not the only one waking up daily and checking the website for mods for these cars so I thought I would pass along what I found today. It could all be BS though as I never know how much the parts guys really know sometimes but this is what I was given.
  2. Why wouldn't the FRPP cams swap over? Is it not the same 3V engine from the 05-09 in the 2010?

    On another note, you might want to do some reading about the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. You could put a supercharger, cams, gears, etc. on the car if you wanted to and not worry about the warranty being voided, even if you performed the work yourself. If something failed and it was unrelated to the mods, they're required by law to honor the warranty. In fact, if they refused to honor the warranty, you'd win in court when you sued.
  3. If the dealer decides to play nice. A lot of dealers will call your bluff and wait to get sued before they'll cover it under warranty. They know most consumers won't take it that far.
  4. I always figured if I did a supercharger, cams and or ported heads and I spun a rod bearing they would detirming the mods I did over stressed the enginge from the factory specifications. At least I could hear a judge telling me that. Figure better safe than sorry since my luck would be the latter.
  5. the cams will work, they probably just aren't listed for the 2010's yet. most dealerships have no clue about that kind of stuff. all they do is look at a catalog that says Cams 05-09 and say it won't work on a 10. the 10 engine is just a Bullit spec 3V from what i understand.
  6. Those cams will fit without an issue, the 010 is the same engine as the 05-09 just with a CAI and different tune.