Some pickchers.

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  1. The 03 Saleen and the 66.

    DSC_0304_054.JPG DSC_0308_056.JPG DSC_0309_058.JPG
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  2. Gorgeous.....just fkn gorgeous
  3. love it, I'm so glad you picked that car up
  4. Very nice, whats the specs on the 66 Mustang? Also the Saleen is sick, I hardly see any around like our body styles.
  5. The 66 was your basic base model. Bought in 1965 by my aunt. She had it until she died in 72 then my grandfather drove it to work 3 miles round trip until he retired in 78. After he died it was offered to me as a 1st car when I was 17 in 82 but I turned it down. My cousin bought it and ran it into a ditch in the mid 80's. Sat up for several years until my aunt and uncle took possession and fixed it up. The body is original as well as all the glass except the windshield. The interior was redone and the paint changed from Antique Bronze to Wimbledon White. He swapped the old 200ci six for a 250ci out of a 78 Granada. My uncle kept it for 20 years and it was my cousins school car. As of today it has 410,000 miles. Anyway they wanted to make room for another project so my dad bought it and it has been at my house for about 2 son drives it to school. So three generations have had this car in high school. It is set for power steering and AC next week. Gets more complements and thumbs up than the Saleen.
  6. Thats an awesome story man I love hearing about how cars stay in the family and get passed around. My mom has her first car still, its a 68 Hardtop, 289ci auto with black bench seats, and power steering. Sadly though it isnt running atm bc the original engine was blown before she got it. When she got the car it had a 302 V8 out of a Granada and that motor had at least 300,000 miles on it. My dad and I pulled the engine recently to start working on the car bc we have a 289 engine sitting in the garage for it but work, school and the lack of money has it set on the back burner. I still cant wait to finish it though I love the classic Mustangs.
  7. Lucky son, car is gonna get a lot of attention.
  8. Very nice rides! Love the Saleen. And that's some cool history behind the '66.