~Some Pics From Today~

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  1. The weather was awesome today so I went for a cruise. Took a few pics along the way and thought I would share.








  2. Good eye and nice settings for a clean looking beast. Nice! We had one nice weekend in the past ohhhh since Septemberish around here. Can't wait for the weather to break so we all can join you. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Dude you might have the best looking Stang of all time. I look forward to seeing new pictures and im never disappointed. Keep it up!
  4. Super clean and nice as always. Your pics are always fantastic. I mean, the car is incredible and you take AWESOME pics to boot! :nice:

    Haven't quite decided yet, but it's your car that got me seriously considering changing over to torch red. Mine is performance red. It's grown on me over the years, its just not quite as red in the sun and I'm not sure if I like the orange effect at night.
  5. Nice Car I love the wheels
  6. That car is so clean, it wouldn't be unreasonable to think you trailer it to everywhere you take photos of it...:D

    J/K man, but it is super clean. Nice pictures.
  7. Thanks. I love this kind of weather! :nice:

    Thanks man! :cheers:

    I wasn't really sure I would like TR either, but it has grown on me and I really like it. :nice:

    Thanks. They are True Forged Chicanes.

    LOL... Thanks bro! :cheers:
  8. straight tits :nice:
  9. nicest cobra I ever seen in my life
  10. Breathtakingly beautiful as always Kevin.. :nice:
  11. :cheers:

    Thanks! :nice:

    Thanks Justin! :cheers:
  12. Very nice set of pics once again. And the reflection on the door in the 3rd picture really caught my attention for some reason
  13. What Wax do you have on the car at the moment?
  14. It was a great day to have the car out. I wish mine ran lol.
  15. Thanks.

    Well I tried some Zymol Solairs this time that a friend of mine had. I think it worked well.

    J/K LOL... It's ClearKote Carnauba Moose Wax. Nothing fancy, but works well.

    Well get it running then! LOL... :nice:
  16. As always, car looks fantastic!!!! Simple...Sexy....supurb!!!
  17. I think your car would look even better with Something like CG 50/50 or Rubbish Boys Original Edition on top of that moose.
  18. Do you have any links to those products?
  19. Are your wheels True Forged Chicanes?

    I love them, along with the fact your car is gorgeous
  20. Yes, they are True Forged Chicanes.

    Thanks. :cheers: