Some Pics Of New Addition

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    Like I said it has some clear coat issues,seats are trashed...and needs ball joints badly.

    Other wise it is pretty solid.
  2. Very nice. I was expecting it to look worse for some reason. I love the Stormin Norman hood. Congrats man. I am jealous because I would love to find a good deal on a 94 Cobra. How does the engine look?
  3. Thanks! It is a 10 footer for sure and looks amazing at night :) but it needs alot of work. I am very meticulous whenever it comes to cleanliness of my stang.
  4. Engine bay looks pretty good! I got on it tonight a little leaving a friends and it definitely needs some tires and suspension work. Rear end breaks loose a little to easy for being a stock 94 cobra with full exhaust.
  5. Sounds like a nice project, congrats!
  6. Thank you! I am excited its just been to hot outside to sit inside and go thru everything yet.
  7. On a side note I popped the hood and fixed the broken vacuum tip at the tree for the ac control. Which in returned fixed my a/c inside the car and it blows 3 times colder now! :) Much more enjoyable.
  8. Oh god please come fix mine LOL. It has been sooo hot these past two days. I think my condenser is bad. Too hot to fix.
  9. You drive to St.Louis and I could definitely help you out.
  10. I am putting a window A/C unit in my garage this weekend. All will be right with the world after I do.
  11. Once I replace my garage door I can do the same,currently my garage door is a old double layer fiberglass unit that doesnt seal up on the sides correctly and has a couple cracks and holes in it.
  12. Man, I really wish you lived closer. I could have got you some seats for $50. They have some nice ones that just came in today. I got the door panels. It has the tan leather interior that looks like new.

    I suspect they will be gone first thing tomorrow. I got there 1/2 hour before they closed. It has a gorgeous dash and decent console. I wanted to pull the entire interior. It's a shame I have to work tomorrow.
  13. I just gotta show you this stuff since your interior is the same color. I may go back after work tomorrow and see if there is anything left. I will take my phone this time and get some pics.

    These were $15 each.

    The picture doesn't do this justice. It looks brand new and not a single blemish. Cost me $6,00.

    The car had like 50,000 miles on it. It wasn't even wrecked that bad. I can't believe it made it to a junk yard. Really sad :(
  14. Well if you can get the seats for 50 bucks I would gladly give you your 50 bucks back plus shipping! That is awesome that your able to come across such a clean car and get replacement parts cheap. My door skins are in good shape its just the black plastic inserts that are needing replaced.
  15. I will go by tonight and see if they are still there. PM me your phone number and I will text you some pics. It would be cheaper for you to come and pick them up. Oh wait... you don't have a truck HAHAHA. You could come up and install them here and just leave your old ones.

    I intend to remove the upper portion of these door panels and attach them to my lowers since mine are all black. I just wish Ford didn't do all the plastic welding they do on these cars. I am in the process of replacing the covers on my Mach 460 speakers and the rears are a pain.
  16. Just did some calculating and figuring out some things and it turns out this car has 3.73 gears. I knew it felt a little too peppy off the line for stock gears.
  17. My favorite mod. Congrats.
  18. Well it dawned on me last night driving to the movies with my wife (yes I convinced her it was better to take my car than hers last night) that driving at 60 mph and being at 1950 rpms was a little high for stock gears.
  19. Those are some good gears for a 5 speed car. I had them in my 90 and it really woke it up.
  20. WP_20130719_001.jpg

    Thought I could throw in this one as well. Needs cleaned up a bit.