Some Pics Of New Addition

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  1. That is a really nice car you have there. It looks like it has been driven, but very well cared for.
  2. Not well enough but thank you.

    Will definitely be a long time until its up to my standards.
  3. Well, it is clean. That is important to me. Parts can be replaced easy enough. Getting an engine compartment like mine to look like yours takes a lot of work.
  4. Well let's see some pictures of yours by comparison.
  5. Next step, remove mcleoud sticker from engine bay.
  6. Haha yeah, that would have been the first thing I did.
  7. I actually took that off yesterday whenever I was checking all the fluids...glad other people have the same mentality when it comes to simplicity as myself
  8. I may put a pair of C&R Racing stickers on my quarter windows since I work there. But that is it. Any stickers I get with my parts goes on my tool box at work.
  9. Key broke off in the ignition today...started it up and went to back out of the drive way and my keys hit my knee...broke off about 1/2 inch from the base.

    For now it is being left in until my new ignition and lock set arrives.
  10. That sucks. Hey, do a write up on the install. Did you buy just the ignition? Or did you get everything?
  11. I bought the set that included door locks and the ignition.
  12. There is a set that comes with the glove box and trunk also.
  13. Hmm...guess I didn't realize that.

    I am just happy that I was able to still turn it on and off with the stub key I have left.