Some pictures of my project... The Mustang SHO

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  1. Some pictures of my project... The Mustang SHO(updated w/pictures 5/27/07)

    or project frankenstang as I like to call it...first order of business is converting a '95 Taurus SHO FWD engine to RWD, a 3.0L 24 valve DOHC v6 producing 220HP in stock form...pretty much the same as a 289 but producing 60ft/lb of torque less...but also weighing 150lbs less and since its able to rev to 8000rpm much better able to take full advantage of the t-5s gear ratios

    my engine bay

    my engine of choice

    this is the bellhousing from a 93 aerostar....the only RWD bellhousing that will bolt up to the SHO engine....with certain...modifications anyway..

    the engine and bellhousing together finally

    the project comes step is to source 94- 06 v6 mustang manual tranny to work with...and a mustang II 2.8L clutch disc...a SHO clutch...SHO throw out bearing and a 289 pilot bushing and get the engine and tranny all bolted up and working together(psst, donations are always then the hard part will be out of the way...then I'll get to tackle the intake manifold orientation(or mayble a custom manifold if I'm feeling brave)
  2. Interesting project. It sounds like you have it thought out. Might I suggest you resize your pictures though.
  3. Hey that's pretty cool! Keep us updated.
  4. The mustang SHO project log(updated with pictures 5/27/07)

    well, more progress today....

    the hydraulic clutch mounted correctly when using a long input shaft T5

    I chopped the water outlet neck down so I can run it around to the passenger side of the engine and then up front(this is so the water neck is not preventing the engine from sitting against the firewall)

    I decided didnt want to use spacers on the intake I got grinder happy and chopped it up...I will be using two throttle bodies...probably from a 300zx or a 3000GT....or even a geo metro...I dont care as long as they are in the 40ish mm range, the only issue with doing it this way is the plenum connector at the back still sticks out farther than I like..preventing me from getting the engine as far back in the bay as I would like...but maybe I will cut the firewall to solve main concern is the shifter location...I'll see how it goes

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  5. Too late now but what was wrong with the single tbody coming off the "front" of the engine? You could have done an intake similar to the late model vettes and f-bodies, forward and down.


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  6. the problem was that I would have had to hack up my timing belt cover and use 1/2" spacers to use it...not a big deal, but this provides me an opportunity for twin entry...which is a plus since the engine will eventually be twin turbo...and finding larger throttle bodies is much easier when you start small to begin with...I'm looking for something 40mm...from there I could upgrade to 49mm dodge neon TBs...or 52mm neon TBs...etc etc if I ever need them...but reason #1 was I couldnt flip the manifold 180 dgerees(which is what I did) without hacking it up
  7. Ah, I didn't realize you spun the manifold around. Much better sizes on the pics.
  8. Interesting...I LOVED my '91 SHO. That Yamaha engine was an amazing piece of work. I had an '87 Mustang GT but MUCH preferred to drive the Taurus.

    Sure is a lot of work for this transplant...makes me look again at the LS2 transplant idea I had before! At least it is an AMERICAN V-8! j/k...have fun w/ the Yammy. That is one revvin' motor, fo sho!
  9. I believe that the v6 T5s are just the same as the early v8 T5s. I think they are just regular non-world class T5s. From what I understand they are exactly the same... I could be wrong on that tho.

    Also, I wouldn't use a pilot bushing. A pilot bearing is a much better choice. I think they are about 15 bux ? Hell, I think I've got an extra one lying around that is brand new. Any reason you wanted to go with a bushing instead ?

    Looks like you have come a long way on this project. I'd love to see it all working. Good job man !
  10. ALL the t5s starting in 85 were world-class. According to what I read just the other day, the 94 or 99 and up (cant remember which) v6 t5 was actually stronger than most of the earlier v8 t5s.
    Its rated at 300lb-ft, and has the same 3.35 1st, 0.68 od. It was on one of the big names websites, Ill see if I can find it again.
  11. This is a really cool project, very original. I love that engine and the way it will look when you pop the hood open. :nice:
  12. yep, the v6 trannys are all 300ft/lb rated and all have the longer input shaft used in the SN95 chasis which is needed in my swap because I have to make a 1/2" adapter plate that goes between the tranny and the aerostar for the pilot bushing I have to use a bushing and not a bearing simply because I have to have the bushing machined down to fit inside the SHO crank, and if I used a bearing(which I have by the from a 5.0) the rollers on the bearing will not survive...too much material has to be taken...but since a bushing doesnt have rollers it doesnt have that problem

    by using two "front" exhaust manifolds the engine should just barely clear the shock towers in the 66 with about 1/4" clearance on either side...with some judicious notching and solid engine mounts I should be able to make it this point the only thing keeping me from test fitting the engine is I plan to convert to a TCP rack and pinion setup to minimize oil pan issues(and for better steering) but since I dont have a rack yet I dont know exactly where the rack will set...I hear it bolts in place of the front crossmember? anyone know whether this is true?

    wiring...for me the simplest part...I plan to run the engine off of MegaSquirt using EDIS-6, since I'm an old hand at MegaSquirt its a minor issue at worst(yes, I prefer a good speed density system to mass long as I have full control of that system)

    anyway, I get ahead of myself, I need to tackle the pilot bushing and clutch setup next, thanks for the support guys...also keep any suggestions coming, I can always use help
  13. Have you considered machining the crank out to accept a bearing instead of machining the bushing down to fit the crank ?

    Then again.... you provably don't want to take the engine apart for something like that.....
  14. Wicked Cool! I will follow it as well. I had always thought about grafting the front clip of a SHO, yet keeping the Mustang Sheet metal on the outside, maybe even 4WD!
  15. :rlaugh: :notnice:
  16. not sure there is enough material in the crank to do that, but your right, this engine will eventually be rebuilt as a 3.2L but not till I get all the bugs worked out
  17. Any updates?
  18. Very cool project. I'm glad to see someone else tackle it, because I've been thinking of trying that very same combination in a plain-Jane '66 Coupe. Once I get another project cleared out of the driveway, I'm goin' SHO hunting. BTW, try a Google search for "SHO Healey" - you'll find a cool engine swap page that I located while searching for Taurus electric fan installation ideas. Top-notch work on display there.

    Have you posted this to the FordSix forums yet? If not, I'm sure those guys would love to see those pics.

    Any plans for the exhaust? I've been thinking that 2 1/4" duals with an X-pipe would be perfect.
  19. Some company also used to sell stroker kits for those too. I believe they had like a 3.8L or 4.2L stroker kit. That would a sweet little engine.