Some pictures of my project... The Mustang SHO

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  1. I must say that looks pretty cool sitting in there.
  2. Definitely going to be a unique Mustang...I hope you can resolve the shock tower clearance.
  3. as far as shock tower clearance goes, I'm thinking I'm going to have to make a log-type manifold similar to what my turbo neon has...not as good flow as stock SHO manifolds but it will allow me to bring my exhaust forward and place my turbos in front of the engine since I have a massive amount of space up there...I'll still end up notching the shock towers other issue is the oil pan, I'll have to chop this one up somewhat for clearance for my planned TCP rack...I'm going to also move my crossmember in front of the shock towers for a bit of added rigidity

    one other issue I'm facing is my coolant outlet comes straight out the back of the engine...I need to find one that makes an immediate 90 degree turn and modify it to fit so the outlet hose goes straight up and clears the firewall
  4. mini-100_0192.jpg

    lots of room up front


    but very little in back...and soon to be less...I'm aiming for 1/2" of firewall clearance
  5. no...I got my inspiration from an austin healey RWD converted SHO powertrain...

    well, I've decided to bite the bullet and go with a mustang II front suspension for a one stop solution to my biggest problems...namely manifold clearance and oil pan clearance(the stock mustang steering as well as all aftermarket racks get in the does the stock crossmember...the oil pan will clear a mustang II crossmember though...just also gives me the benefit of more space for the turbos...I can make a tubular manifold and bring them up by the valve covers for easy servicing
  6. The Mustang II set up is the way to go, it will clean up the engine compartment nicely, giving you the room you need to make the swap work.
  7. Ya, and make the car drive like crap too boot....

    unless you do some SEARIOUS frame work too.
  8. Having driven a car that had a modded II suspension up front, when set up properly, it handles better than the stock classic Mustang. There is also a number of brake options available, and Alston Racing offers the setup now in different widths.
  9. I was planning on some serious frame work actually...a couple of welded in supports running from the firewall under the fender aprons to connect somewhere up front...then a couple of bolt-in cross members somewhere along the lines of monte carlo bars....I would love to keep the stock towers but I would have to cut so much away from the shock tower rail that I fear it would compromise the structure...and while I know a mustang II suspension will least I can weld in extra supports...however I really need a link to get a better idea of what other people have done about it
  10. You can also

    cut the front frame rails off and make new ones from strong box steel. That's what I did. With the subframe connectors and stronger front-end the car is really solid. Plus the inner convertible rockers & floorpan.
  11. I dont think I'm brave enough to make entirely new frame rails...though I may run some type of reinforcement the entire length...I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of reinforced mustang II front ends
  12. I do

    We didn't do completely new one, just cust them off behind the shock towers and used new think steel box all the way back and under the radiator.
  13. I still need to take the pictures

    of the reenforcement bars coming down from the firewall to the front and the new side panels. Also the new box steel runs back to the subframe connectors.
  14. I know you already cut the upper plenums, but I found this photo of a Merkur with a twin turbo SHO engine in it. Thought it might offer some ideas for fitting it all in there.

  15. guess not hmm . . . :(
  16. sorry, been offline for awhile, working on a couple of my other cars lately....on the mustang I have made some progress...I now have a pilot bushing well as a collar for the TOB....theoretically there is now nothing holding me back from bolting the engine and tranny together for the duration of the far as the front end goes...after giving it much thought and playing with the placement of the engine some more I have decided I dont have to go with a mustangII front end after all...I will be able to keep the body stock and wont even have to notch the shock towers anywhere....what i will have to do though is modify my oil pan and make custom headers for the engine...most likely with 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 primaries...the only real downside is the fact that to remove the headers I'll have to pull the engine(or at least raise it) next thing to get cut on the waterjet at work....header flanges....let the real work begin....well, after I fab up some type of motor mounts and find a way to connect them to the frame

    p.s. awesome xr6?ti by the way...have any contact info for the guy? I want to know how he did the cooiling system...looks like he might have made a custom water neck....which would simplify my life if I can find out what he did