Some pictures of my project... The Mustang SHO

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  1. well, its been a long while since I posted progress, but I have been really busy and have only recently been able to do any work...still dont have much, but a few pictures for you....

    making cardboard templates of the motor mounts

    the finished(complete with custom aluminum collar) aerostar hydraulic TOB assembly, using a SHO TOB

    more to come soon, I hope to make the actual mounts and weld them up next week, then I can start on the headers.....

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  2. Looking good man, looks liek the mounts shouldent be too hard atually ;)
  3. nice and simple...they will be solid though since I cant seem to think of an easy way to add poly inserts...oh well, its going to be twin turbo so solid mounts will be needed anyway
  4. Why not make a modified version of the RMP adjustable mounts. Not hard to do. If you get stuck for the poly bushings, you could always buy the RMP mounts and modify the block plate.
    Just a thought.
  5. I think anyone who has never driven or owned an SHO should not ask the question as to why anyone would want to do this swap. I had a 94 SHO with an Auto tranny. That would eat my 92 GT and my 04 GT's alive. 140mph in a family sedan is a little creepy when the car wasn't feeling vulnerable at that speed. When you feel the butterflies open up at 3500rpm under throttle you truly fall in love with the SHO technology. Think about everyone dropping 4.6's in older stangs, and the motors are so heavy they have to tube chassis half the car. My SHO had a verified 220hp at the flywheel and I could get over 30mpg. Not bad for something that I spanked a Z28 at the dragstrip. I say kudos to you and this swap. I was wanting to do the swap myself. I was gonna drop it into a Mustang II I got sitting around and put an AOD behind it.
  6. looking at the RMP mounts it doesnt really look like they would fit....or not easily....but it does at least give me an idea as to how I could use inserts and make my mounts as 2 pieces(the one piece mount was worrying me as far as installation goes)
  7. Wicked, are you still around? I would love to see how this project is going. This is one of my favorite projects here.
  8. not much to report since my last posting unfortunately, the project is still on, but currently at a halt due to other things I have going on(I've actually been finishing a couple other cars of mine first, which were closer to completion) However I have made a little progress on the intake manifold, I've fabbed up the 300zx throttle bodies and linked them together to make a twin-entry intake manifold(mainly to prevent having to flip the intake manifold and to make the planned twin turbos easier)
  9. Good to hear from you. I know how it is with other things getting in the way. I've been at a standstill with my 68 for a couple of years now. I've had so many things happen (bad/good/otherwise, but mostly bad) that I just can't put anymore money into it now.

    Keep us updated.
  10. About '80-81, probably before the whole "monster truck/Bigfoot" thing took off, my neighbor put an early Bronco chassis under a Mustang II body. He had her jacked waaay up with 44s under it. Hadn't thought about that for years...
  11. Oops, sorry! That was a reply to a much earlier post which I forgot to quote.

  12. Moving the shifter back was necessary when installing a T-5 into a late thunderbird. The MN12 guys came up with a slick kit, but they may not be offering it anymore. Take a look at this website for the MN12 shifter.

    If that kit is no longer available, another option would be to cut the shifter box from another T-5 and weld it to the end of your existing box and add an extension ala the MN12 piece.

    Or you could kludge something together like I did for my Locost using an old Mazda shifter. Looks funky, but works well.

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  13. That shifter extension is amazing! I'll keep that in mind if I put a manual in my 67.. I don't like "kinked" shifters that require you to lean forward from the seat to use.:nice:
  14. Great project! Looking forward to more updates.
  15. can someone tell me what this piece is on the SHO?
    It isn't on mine so I am going to have to locate one but I need to know what I am looking for.

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  16. Sorry for the ancient thread resurrection but I wonder if this car ever got finished? It looked like a great idea at the time!
  17. Click on wicked93gs's name and read the visitor comments.
  18. Party foul on Wicked93's situation a Stang 2 with an SHO would be extremely lovely to beat on in my opinion. I used to have a 94 SHO, 33mpg over 200HP and could stomp anything that I went up against on the backroads. Conveniently or inconviently to me for fundage I have located a 95 SHO with a bad automatic tranny for less than $1000.
  19. O well, thanks for pointing that out.