Some questions about strokers

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  1. I was just looking around on ebay and came across some 331 and 347 stroker cranks and few full stroker kits. I know that they increase the stroke of the piston to increase displacment. I have a few questions tho

    1. Is there a setup where you can just buy the stroker crank and use the stock rods and pistons or do you have to use all the stroker stuff (im pretty sure the answer is u have to use all stroker stuff but i fig id ask anyway)

    2. Is a cast crank going to last with my planned setup? Im on a super budget and i want to have a 331/347 with gt40p heads and a cam i havnet decided yet. Way down the line there may be a small n2o shot involved but not in the near future. Will the cast crank do?

    3. How streatable is a 331/347? It will be my summer daily driver.

    4. Are the hawk kits any good i can get the whole kit for like $700.

  2. The hawk kits are good for your application because they use hyper. pistons which can withstand some nitrous. Either 331 or 347 will be streetable. Streetability is based on heads, cam and so on, so its up to what you put in it. No reason you shouldnt get 50 to 100k or more if you care for it. For your setup and budget, I would get hyper or forged pistons,not much price diff, I beam rods, a cast crank, and a main support. I'm running forged pistons, I beams, cast crank, and support on a 17 lbs 342, and its holding just fine. You gotta remember lots of people use blowers on stock 302s all the time and they hold. You should be fine with any kit. My friend is building a Ford 350 from Hawks, so I'll let you know how it runs.
  3. thanks ttt

    O btw one more question....what is a good compression ratio for the combo i mentioned? How do you come out with ur compression ration... pistions and heads right?
  4. If your not going to run boost id stay around 10:1 you could go higher though. Highest would be 10.5 though It also depends on what octane you have available to you and how much timing you'll be running.

    If you get a 347, i dotn know if youll get 100k . The only reason that i say that is because not many have done that. You can take the best care of your motor, but that doesnt mean it will last forever. There's too many other factors involved, like the machine work, assembly and so on. If you want the motor to last, id buy a better quality kit. Spend the extra couple hundred on a Scat assembly. Always take into consideration that you get what you pay for. Im not saying Hawk is crap or anything, im just saying that you can get better and you may be better off in the long run by waiting a bit. Just my opinion though and the ultimate decision is up to you
    Alot of peopel do push the limits of the stock blocks. Some have run 10s with them and are still going. Others break them with "mild" combos
  5. It usually tells you what comp youll get with what combustion chamber. Tell the company what comp you want and they can get you close with one of their off the shelf pistons. Also, dont worry about your stock block because DSS, the best engine makers in the country, use stock blocks on their 9 to 10 second engines they build and warranty.
  6. Ummm, how can to tell somebody not to worry about the stock block? They can run 10s and 9s, but reliably? no way. You also have no idea on what his power goals are for the car. If its a mild combo, he should be fine.

    Oh, and nobody gives a WARRANTY on race parts, especially motors