Some Questions To Help Me Complete My Lise: Headers, Distributor, Roller Rockers, Clutch, Ect.


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Sep 2, 2012
Ok here it is guys. My list is about complete and I think in a few more weeks at the most I should be ready to start ordering some stuff.

1. As for LT's I've been reading Jet coated is the way to go. I called a shop in NC and had a good conversation with a guy and he advised me that if I wanted to do jet coating that he would advise to get the car running and dynoed first then take headers off and send in. He explained how during the dyno it can mess up the coating because of the temps during dyno it will reach and the constant temps or something to that effect. It is $255 for the pair at that shop. I definitely don't want to go that route because once the headers are on, I surely don't want to take them off :) I'm of the mindset that when it gets running i want to enjoy the car so if there's another alternative that will do just as good as JC then I will probably just go that route. Some of you will say well why mention if i don't plan on doing it is because some of you may come here and offer another analysis to which it can be done different that I might consider :)
Other than that I think ceramic, though as jozsef said earlier he hadn't heard about ceramic for awhile, I think if they are still doing ceramic then i might lean toward that. If they aren't doing ceramic anymore, what's the other options? Is BBK decent?

2. As for looking at some images of the end of the header, it appears that I've seen some that doesn't have a flange that would bolt up. I had that situation with my Basani X pipe connecting to the exhaust and I believe it just mated together. I had to get some exhaust sealant applied on occasions years and yrs ago, more than once and last time just got the dang thing welded up where they meet. Now I definitely won't weld the new setup and wondering if there's anything to buy to offer a good seal. I'm sure the exhaust shop should know but just in case, if there's a piece i need to get to take there I wana know before i get to that point.

3. I will get another Basani X as the one I have are for shorty headers. I'm sure the one I have is stainless as I think it was $400 back in 2002. Looking at some online last night at Autoanything, there was one for around $263 on sale and he said i could get it in aluminized steel or stainless.

4. Any particular type of header bolts? Give me a few options. I have the regular hex head header bolts on the 302.

5. What about a clutch? I want not too hard of pedal and as soft as I can get and it be effective for 4-500 hp/ tq then I guess i should be good. I've ran king cobra's on the 302.

6. Fuel rail brands options , adj fp regulator options? I have a billet adj regulator on the 302 that I could use but it's maybe 12 yrs old. Probably best to get a new one huh?

7. For AFR 205's any particular type of 1.6 rockers? I have the blue FR 1.6 but they are about 11 yrs old if age plays a part with those.

8. Harmonic balancer- I know i need a 28 oz. Any particular brand?

9. Lastly , Oil pan. One that will fit and fit with no fitment or clearance issues of anything hitting. I will keep the stock K member and probably go with poly engine mounts. If I go poly engine mounts then poly trans mount too right?

10. Distributor- i know i need a 351 specific right. Heard bad things about MSD. Give me a few to consider and what about store brand?

Tried to correct misspelling of List in title :)

i think that is about it
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