Some real competition for the Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Z28x, Mar 10, 2004.

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  2. Wow, is that the new GTO?
    That is an aftermarket twin screw, right? Not factory, right?

    What kind of numbers is that putting down?
  3. MagnaCharger

    That looks like a MagnaCharger S/C...

    With the 10.1 c/r of the stock ls-1 I can only imagine 6-8 psi with the stock bottom end, in street car trim. Any more and you'd be pushing it.

    That would definately give a stock Cobra a run for its money...

    There's always that ever popular KB swap though! :banana:
  4. I'm not sure, but a Lingenfelter S/C LS1 Vette puts out 490HP on 6 psi, I'd imagine this is about in the same range.
  5. Are the current LS1's 4bolt main?

    If they are, and they are straight bolt type, they can handle 800hp easily.

    @10.1 compression, you can run 10psi, and that is just about pushing it.
  6. Interesting how they did the S/C drive. Nice installation.
  7. Moving this to the proper forum.
  8. Damn, that looks real clean. Nice to see some new american muscle! :flag:
  9. That'd be nice to see under the hood of a new GTO Judge (if/when GM is going to offer a Judge).

    LS1s have 6-bolt mains.
  10. Looks awesome... but how many of these do you think you'll run into?
  11. So they had to supercharge it lol...
  12. It should eat a stock cobra based upon how an LS1 reacts to boost. 6-8psi should be an easy 430-440rwhp. The GTO weighs in similar (slightly heavier) to the Cobra, but with the GTO's 6 speed it should move.
  13. So did Ford...

    Your point is???

    If Ford had a N/A 4.6 DOHC pushing 390/390, I would be massively impressed.
  14. Dude, chill. It has been the biggest excuse the LS1 fanatics have been using since june 2002, and suddenly its a revelation for the GTO and therefore makes it a cobra killer :rolleyes:

    And what do you call the powerplant in the 2000 R?
  15. I'd put this engine up against that thing in the GTO anyday ... Yay FORD!

  16. Yea, but too much hate is around the atmosphere...

    Theres no reason to slam that GTO, its a sweet car, and with that blower... its got some serious power.

    Its like when the 03-04 Cobra boys beat on the Vipers... the Viper guys just say... eh... he still had to mod it to beat me.

    Its an ongoing venture, and it will NEVER STOP, there will ALWAYS be someone faster than the next guy.
  17. Step away from the Internet. It was just a slight on the old rivalry. Don't take it personal or draw up useless comparisons. I'm not "slaming" the GTO and I could care less what your opinion is about it.
  18. A powerplant in a $55k pony car that was limited in production. I am sure yellow means a normal production vehicle, not one that made 250 or so.

    I am all for the blower on both cars. As long they hold and are easily moddable like the cobra.