Some real competition for the Cobra

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  1. Yes, thanks REALQUICK.

    Appreciate it.
  2. RealQuick, he said if Ford made.... blah blah blah, so I was correcting him. Ford does make... blah blah blah. He didn't say anything about a production 4.6L or whatever...

    I swear, stupid arguments are found on both sides of the camp... Hrmm I wonder what is the common denominator. (Edit: this is not directed towards you RQ).

    I will make my point crystal clear for masses... The 03 cobra was not cool because it had to be blown- hence it (4.6L) is a pos. Now, someone does it to the GTO, and it's gods gift to the LS1.

    While I think that engine bay is incredible, I will not jump on a bandwagon because someone is the first. I say, lets see the numbers on the dyno and the track. Then lets all forget it's a Chevy and be impressed.
  3. I understand what your saying. Everyone cried wolf about the cobra being blown when it came out, so your poking fun in the same way. No confusion here. As far as numbers, I dont think you'll be disappointed, but we'll wait and see anyway.

  4. S/C 4.6L is a great engine.

    To answer you question about HP, they said it added 116rwhp (based on 7 psi on other LS1s) I'd expect 1/4mi. times in the mid 12's

  5. HAHA i agree...Friedchicken is driving a 03 cobra and he's like "they had to supercharge it" duh what did your car come w/ factory???? :shrug:
  6. Evidently you haven't visited too many LS1 web forums Roush21! Friedchicken was TRYING TO MAKE A JOKE HERE! God some people just don't get it... RealQuick was able to catch on to the joke as well as myself...

  7. lol.. thanks UM. I never had any idea people would get so confused even when spelled out for them.
  8. i call it an NA 5.4 DOHC?

  9. Good I'm not the only one who noticed that.
  10. Blown LS1.....interesting. I'd still go with the S/C 4.6 DOHC anyday though :nice:
  11. Boy, I guess nothing impresses you guys. All of you "but it ain't N/A" guys crack me up. With a blower, any factory stock bottom end should be able run streetable 700 rwhp. Where is the challenge there right?

    But 400 hp N/A- now there is a marvell and who cares if it finishes second place... it did it N/A. :nice:
  12. This has nothing to do with being impressed with a blown LS1. This is me not being impressed with the LS1 period. Theres just something about that OHV setup that just doesn't intrigue me. The S/C 4.6 DOHC does impress me however. The thing is virtually bomb-proof, pretty sophisticated, and has GREAT potential. I just prefer more refined technology as opposed to increased size to achieve power :shrug:
  13. Increased size?

    So I guess GM should just throw the 5.7 in the garbage and start making smaller, more technologically advanced motors becuase Ford chose to do so? GM has been using the "350" for's not like they just started making them. It's worked (and still does) very if it ain't broke...

    You prefer the 4.6, that's fine. It's a great motor but IMO so is the LS1/LS6/LS2.
  14. It's not like that. The LS engines are excellent motors for the application. But, given the same displacment... 5.4L ford = 385 and 5.7 chev = 405... both are on par from the factory when calculating hp/L. In supercharged applications, I would give the edge to fords setup and their head design.

    That being said, both engines have their strengths and weaknesses.
  15. I agreee with your argument, just wanted to correct you on the Liter-to-Cubic inch conversion.... 1 liter equals 61.02 cubic inches.

    5.7L = 347.6 C.I.
    5.4L = 329.5 C.I.

  16. He was listing hp numbers...not CI
  17. I dont know if I agree with the heads design concept. Yeah, 4v's versus 2v's, but what are the head flow numbers for the 4v's. I would tend to think the LS1/LS6 heads flow more.
  18. Oh god do I feel like an ass.... DOH! :bang:

    Reading comprehension by the “Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course”.

  19. Very nice engine....but I really like how GM has used fake valve covers to try to make it look like it has DOHC.:rlaugh:

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