Some real competition for the Cobra

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  1. Nice try. I think we have had this discussion before. They cover the coil pack and valve covers to give it a clean look! Get over yourself and your little DOHC motor. If GM wanted a DOHC engine, it would be made already. Remember, GM made DOHC motor before the stang's motor came out (LT5 ZR1 Motor). They dont need to copy.
  2. Sorry UM.. I should have been more clear hehe...
  3. Didn't Lotus design it, Mercury Marine assembled it, and GM funded it? The LT5 that is....


  4. Umm...GM didn't have much to do the the design or the manufacturing of the ZR1's DOHC it was all out sourced.:notnice:
  5. Your right. My point was they could have it in their vehicles if they wanted it.

  6. Take a guess at how much a GTO would cost with an LT5..... $45 - 55,000 or more. So yeah it COULD have one but no one would buy it.

  7. Mid 12s?? I think that's more than a tad conservative. Don't know much the GTO weighs over the F-body, but if its anywhere close, than they should run low13s/ high 12s NA. I would think solid 11s would be more of a realistic guess, but whatever...

    We'll just have to wait and see...

  8. Let me clarify. I am very fond of the LS1. I think it's a great engine. Ford could just as easily just go ahead and design a big displacement engine.....anyone could. I admire the fact that Ford decided to focus more on the technological aspect of making power as opposed to the size aspect. I see the 281ci. 4.6L DOHC 4V motor thats in the 01 Cobra (for example) making 270-290rwhp on average and the big 346ci. 5.7L OHV LS1's making 290-310rwhp on average. That fact that Ford makes, on average, only 20 less rwhp with 65ci. less is pretty impressive if you ask me.

    The GTO's are currently running high 13's. They aren't as stout as the FBodies. I don't see it breaking into the 12's even with that blower :shrug:
  9. I prefer a schitload of power. As long as it is fun and liveable, I'll buy it from whoever makes it, GM or Ford. :banana:
  10. Isn't the northstar engine pretty close in design to the Ford dohc 4.6's?
  11. The GTO's run mid 13's @ 104 all day according to the mags that have crappy drivers. Strap that blower on and that car will trap 114-115 all day long. You telling me it wont get into the 12's with that mph? I had no traction at the track and ran a 12.5 @ 114 w/2.07 60'. That GTO will put more power to the ground then I did when I went to the track.
  12. Yeah, thats what I'm saying :nice:
  13. It's really hard to say what the car will/won't do. You have different weight, different gearing, temp, altitude... the only consitent fact we know about magasines is that they are never right... I've seen cars overrated and underrated alike. I'm sure we can put together an alogarithm for this specific car and then use the output of that SC to calculate the new times... but we need more data. Heck, that thing could be a slug without changing the internals and upping the boost... or it could run over vettes... we just don't know.
  14. Sounded to me like you were saying it wont touch 12's even with the blower :shrug:
  15. Who knows what ET it will run, but it will not be a slug with a blower. There is no such thing as a a blown LS1 slug, despite its weight. It will run over C5's all day, but the C6 would be a good match. Cant wait to see some numbers, and I hope Evan Smith tests the thing.