Digital Tuning Some Very Basic Moates Quarterhorse, Tunerpro, Eec Analyzer Questions

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  1. Hey guys, so as I wrote last week, just bought this, and going to plug it in tomorrow, but since is down, I'm really at a loss as to what to do! So a couple questions.

    The first, and MOST basic question.. haha.. I remember reading either to NOT plug the laptop into the QH when the car is turned or, or to ONLY plug it in when the car is on! But I can't seem to find these instructions anymore. So should I plug the laptop in and connect before ignition gets turned on? Or opposite?

    Secondly, I'm a little iffy on these Bin, XDS, ADX (I think it's xds?).. I mean, I understand the BIN is the actual image of the ECU.. But, do I NEED To load one? Can I not plug in the QH, and pull the one off my ecu that is on there from the factory? Or must I load all 3 of those files for my specific ecu (a9l), and go from there? I don't even know if i have the ability to pull the tune off that is already on there.

    Lastly (for tonight!), Tunerpro, and EEC Analyzer. Can EEC ANalyzer DO anything? As in, does it, in itself, do any data logging? Or is it's only purpose to look at gathered data logs that another program makes? Does it even need to be connected to the QH? Or am I just supposed to take the log files and load them into EA?

    Can EA change anything on the QH/ECU (once again, this would depend if EA actually connects to the QH or is just used to read log files).. Ideally, EA would get it's own Datalog, but I have no idea!

    Thanks guys, appreciate it!
  2. Go here..
    This is the next best place to go. The guy that runs this forum tuned my car. He knows what the hell is going on. Ea is a tool to use to help you make decisions on what to change in your tune. You load logs into it. That's all.
  3. EA simply analyzes the data files you create (and save to your laptop hard drive) when data-logging with BE.
    EA does propose changes based on the parameters used when the log is created, and the data in the data file.
    You will need to take those proposed changes, open BE, and manually enter them into your .bin.

    There is a Definition/Strategy file and a tune/binary file
    The Definition/Strategy has the logic of the code stored in it, as well as memory location, etc. For A9L, you will use the GUFB Definition.
    There are free Definitions that load automatically with BE.
    Some of the free Definitions are well developed... others are not...
    Your free standard GUFB Definition should be more than adequate for starting out.

    The Binary file (.bin file extension) contains the tuning parameter values that you are adjusting when you tune.
    If you use one of the .cry file extensions, then you will only be able to create
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  4. Good info..
  5. i plug my laptop in after the laptop is booted up. Not sure if it even matters. only issue ive ever has was the the laptop not connectng to the QH, which was fixed by me just hitting the datalog button and letting it log for a second, then it would connect and i could view the ashboard with all gauages functioning