Some vital info about your Mach 460/1000

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  1. Those articles help tremendously. My stereo has never sounded good since i put the aftermarket head unit on and now it sounds decent.
  2. I ripped out my full mach 1000 system last year. The way Visteon made this system was almost like they intentionally wanted it to be a pain in the ass for you to upgrade the system (aftermarket sabotage). I spliced into the existing tweeter wiring for my door and rear deck component speakers.

    I will probably sell my full mach 1000 system soon. I am a music producer and my ears needed more quality and output than the mach 1000 system provides, although, the mach system does get very loud for a stock system.

    Damn my sensitive picky ears!
  3. CDT sounds nice. Crystal clear and loud. Whats funny is when its very loud you can still talk to the person next to you without yelling...bit on the pricey side though.
  4. Let's say I wanted a completely new sound system. What all would I need?

    head unit
    component system

    Also - if I got two new amps, could I just bolt them to the mach amp rack in my vert?
  5. Good info, moving to Sound and Shine.
  6. Wait, so which rear amp is powering which parallel speakers? My rear passenger side amp is blown while the driver's side is working fine (Convertible, one is one each side of the hydraulic top motor).

    So what am I missing out on power and speaker wise with the rear right amp not working? I've messed with the balance and fade, bass and high's but I can't tell any difference. It's almost not worth the hassle as the sound is pretty good to me, but if it would make a lot of difference I would like to replace one or both of the amps.

    But where can you get those amps? Only Ebay?

    I know it isn't the best system but I already went into debt buying the car itself so I can't spend much. But a $50 used amp (what I saw on Ebay) would upgrade my bass by double it might be worth trying out (as I do have the seats already out anyway after replacing the cylinder top's).

    (oh sorry for the HUGE thread bump! This came up on google and I'm a new member here and didn't think to check when the last message ways. :( )
  7. My 2003 mustang cobra factory wires were cut and I don't know where to find them online can anyone help
  8. If you are talking about the wires at the source unit you can usually score them off of ebay otherwise from Ford its an entire dash harness.

    Are you trying to reinstall the OEM deck? If so I would highly recommend against that. The factory deck and speakers and amps are just garbage. Any after-market deck will have a better internal amp.
  9. After reading several threads about the Mach 460 I am hoping to find an original head unit and go back stock. The Kenwood that came installed when I bought my car is apparently not wired correctly.

    I know, it's a downgrade, but when I am driving, audio perfection is normally not my focus. I listen to music all day long. I am a musician and I own a studio. When I get in the car I just want background noise, or a reference to what I have been working on.

    Right now I have front speakers running in the car and nothing else. Now that I know this it will drive me crazy.

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  10. We have the same job, yet two different outlooks. I don't mind the factory system for referencing. This is what the average listener is going to have.

    My studio is a different world. Not only do I use multiple sets of monitors, I also have the control room treated to perfection. I can hear a cricket fart in the studio. When I am driving, I just like to drive. I do like to hear something that is decent though.

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  11. I just put a kenwood deck in my 00 Gt,omg what a let down. It sounds no where near as good as with the stock deck's. I guess I'll have to go after market in the spring. I don't even hear it that good at max volume while driving. Sounds ok when really car is off but that's no good.
  12. Something must not have been wired up correctly - I've replaced my factory Mach 460 head unit with a Pioneer aftermarket stereo in my 2002 GT, and while it's not "audiophile" quality, it sounds WAY better than the stock head unit did, while giving me the added benefit of Bluetooth and an auxiliary input. I did initially have a problem where only my door small speakers were working, but something was wrong with the wire harness/interface that was meant to step-down the head unit turn-on voltage, so I wouldn't get a loud pop when turning my system on. Once the car stereo shop that soldered my harnesses together for me removed that harness from my set up (they instead used some kind of capacitors or resistors - I don't remember which), all eight speakers were functioning normally, and I'm pleased with the sound (I do intend, eventually, to replace all of my speakers and amps, but for now I'm more than satisfied).

    I'm actually getting ready to head down to that same car stereo store in a few minutes - I'm exchanging my non-touchscreen Pioneer head unit for an AVH-4200NEX touchscreen radio. I want Android auto, so I can use Google Maps/Navigation right on my radio touchscreen (as well as make hands-free calls/respond to text messages hands-free), without having my phone sitting in a mount on my dash (I don't like the way that looks).