Some wheel questions

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  1. First off, my rear end is wierd and the rear passenger side wheel sticks out an inch farther than stock, so I have to run a 1 " spacer on the other side to even the wheels out.

    I've been thinking of going with either 17x9 with 275's in the front and 17x10.5 with 315's in the back, or 18x9 with 275's all the way around. How would a 10.5" wheel with 315s fit on the back? Would it stick out too far with the 1" spacer? Would I be better off with the 18x9's all around?
  2. Noone knows? I know some people here have 10.5's on the back. How close to the side of the car are they without spacers?
  3. they will fit very well. mine dont have any problems at all rubbing with anything.
  4. But with the 1" spacer, would the wheel and tire stick out too far from the fender and look odd? That is what I am worried about. I need to keep the 1" spacer on the rear driver side to even out the back tires.
  5. from what I've seen on here the 315's are pretty much flush with the fender... I ran 265's with 4" back spacing that stuck out about 1 inch in the back and I didn't have problems.. I was concerned with the paint chipping but it wasn't an issue.

    I honestly would be more concerned with the shape of your rear end. was it ever in an accident? did anyone ever open it up and not get the axle shafts sitting right again... that is concerning me more then the rim/tire combo to get... but maybe thats just me, you have your own priorities...

    1" spacers should be fine.
  6. I baught it used like that from a dealership. When I checked the carfax report there were no accidents listed, no reported ones at least. I'm kinda pissed that I didn't notice the rear end issue when I baught the car.
  7. I'd fix the issue first rather than trying to band-aid it
  8. :stupid:

    either your production frame is fubar'd like most stangs, or you blew out some bushings. you should check an autobody shop and get some estimates
  9. I'm taking it to the dealership tomorrow to get checked out, having some other problems right now (clunk from rear end, interior fan rattle noise) so might as well have them look at this too. Hopefully my extended warranty will help.
  10. I had the same problem with my car with the passanger rear wheel sticking out further than the driver side. I honestly think its a common problem with mustangs. When my car was like that, I would check out a lot of other Gt's in parking lots at malls,etc.. and a ton of them were the same way. For some reason the passanger side tire would stick out further. I dont know if it has something to do with high torque with our cars and the twisting of the frame, but that's all i could think of. But I took mine in to the ford body shop, they thought i was wacko at first and didnt see what i was talking about. But i insisted they check it out. So they put in on their laser frame measuring machine to see what was off. The frame was fine, so their solution was to just unbolt the whole rear end assembly and move it over a bit. It worked and is fine now.
  11. Mine lines up straight :shrug:
  12. Well, they put it on the laser frame measuring machine and said the frame is all straight. They also said that they inspected the rear end and the only thing they found is the "rear trailing arms have some bend or flex to them" and are going to replace those to see if that fixes it.