Somebody hook me up, Someone has to have these lyin around!

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  1. Im looking for 2 original equipment A/C knobs for a 90-93 Mustang, does anyone have any??? And how much you want?
  2. If you can't find a seller...

    90-93 KNOB, CONTROL, A/C

    Item: LRS-18519E
    Vehicle Type: MUSTANG
    Product Line: Climate Control
    Your Price: $15.95

  3. Are they the same for 87 as well? I have a knob set from an 87 laying around, if so please let me know if you need two of the same or two different knobs. If so which ones
  4. I have these I got from a junkyard. I have no idea what year they are for. They did come off a mustang.

  5. 87-89 same...90-93 same..the ones you have in the pic are the 90-93..i think i sti have mine ..if i do you can have will let you know.
  6. I am going to the junk yard tomorrow I will get you a set for dirt cheap shipped.
  7. i found them...send me a pm with your mailing address..
  8. The ones I ordered from LRS were original ford, just so you know what your getting for $16.