Somebody please.....

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  1. Tell me to grow some balls and buy a nitrous kit for my car. I dont have the money for a blower now....and wont for a while. The least I can do is spray my baby, with at least a 75shot huh??? Im trying to talk myself out of it....but I always wanted nitrous and keep saying how great it would be.
  2. A 91 LX can handle a 75 shot since it has the forged pistons. You have a pretty good combo so spray it.
  3. grow some balls

  4. you can spray alot more than 75. i will be going to 150 soon with cast pistons.
  5. my dd 86 svo with turned up boost and a header would rip you a new ass! GROW SOME BALLS AND PUT IT ON ****:D NOW GO GET THE KIT :p
  7. I woulda told you to grow some balls anyway, but since you asked go get the kit too.