someone explain this to me...

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  1. Why could I easily beat an escort lx 'sport' by several car lengths by 60mph, and stay dead even with a maxima from 25 to 70mph, and still only run mid 18's at the track. The escort should run low 17's at 80mph, and the maxima should run high 16's. My best time is [email protected] What the hell?
  2. I'm assuming that's n/a still? I thought your best run was a 19.6. Probably just driver skill or lack thereof on the street - seems to be what it usually comes down to.

  3. Yes, NA, but this is after I rebuilt the motor which is when I added the header, cam and increased compression.
    It doesn't take any skill to drive an automatic, and that is what you see on the street most of the time. It isn't like we have traction problems. :doh:
  4. 135hp = 18.5
    88hp = 18.09
    I can't figure it out either.
  5. "Exhaust, gears, header, aluminum driveshaft,
    225/60/15 rear tires, traction lock"
    1. That is no 88 hp combination. You have several engine mods, and did everything possible to get your 60' time down.
    2. If I got a 2.44 60' time, your stupid low 18 would look like the retarded kid.
    3. Your just jealus because I already trap faster than you did.
    Next spring, I will have milled the head some more, put in my 4.10's, and hopefully done some head porting. I see easy 17's out of that. Then, I will crack open the bottle and whip out a 14 to kick your turbo ass with.... all with the slowmatic.
  6. *wistles western show down song* waaah waaah naaah....the smoke clears...they exchange shots from accross the interent, who will win...better watch out crovax ...sounds like a n/a whoopin sofar! :p

    keep it real
  7. I'm willing to bet that a five-speed swap will help BIG TIME.
  8. 1. Ok so it was a 100hp combo. :owned:
    2. My '60 is skill. :banana:
    3. Oh no! A whole mph for 35hp! Aaaaagh! :rolleyes:
    Oh man, next spring I won't have a damn thing done to my car.
    So yeah it'll still NOT be running 13's.
    It sucks to be living at home.

    P.S. You know these are jokes right?
  9. As opposed to not living at home?

    home noun
    A place where one lives; a residence.
    The physical structure within which one lives, such as a house or apartment.

  10. BURNED
  11. i dont think it sux to live at home... :shrug: , keeps the rain off my head, tools in the garage and best of all its a home! :p
  12. Exactly.
    Home has parents that won't let you mod your car.
  13. If all goes well, I am moving into an appartment in January. I need to find one first though. ;)
    I am still going to play around with the NA and nitrous for a while before I put the turbo back on. I want to see if I can get deep into the 17's :D It should be possible with gears, head porting, and some more compression.
    Soon as I move out though, I am putting in the gears and LSD
    MM CC plates
    D&D coil overs
    pull the head to do some mild porting, and mill it down another .020 for 10.2:1
    Before I move out, I would like to finish gutting the sound deadener, and pull the AC because it pisses me off, and weighs a lot. I think an AFPR would really help too, I think it is too rich, but I really would need to tune it at the track.
  14. Haha, you said LSD...thats cool maaaaaan. :rolleyes:
  15. I think he means it sucks to be living in a home not in Kansas. I kind of pity him for that.

    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. Just keep walking thru spook.
  17. hey guys kansas is awesome! (lower head in shame)
    we need all the pity you can spare

  18. Hi this well be my first reply/post. I don't have much to race ATM just messing with a 2.3L 93' Mustang for now.

    Even with the best posiable hp/car etc it still comes down to skill as a driver. How the car is set up also plays a big part in this as well. You may have had more:skill and a better set up than the last guy/girl. 135hp=18.5
    88hp = 18.09
    I can't figure it out either.[/QUOTE]

  19. [/QUOTE]
    Because he didn't actually have 88hp, he has closer to 110.... plus a 5sp with 4.10's which is the killer. I have the 135hp auto with a 2.7 60', and he pulled of a 2.44 60'. Not much driver skill involved in racing an auto either.
  20. Ok well I know the E.T. and I know the weight.
    The Stangnet calculator says a car with 98hp and
    weight of 2935lbs will run an 18.08.
    Maybe your car is still heavy?

    P.S. Yes my car weighs 2710 minus driver with a 1/4 tank of gas.