Someone explain to a Brit about Trick or Treat...


Sep 23, 2004
Northampton, England
When I was a kid, we never really had trick or treat, and hallowe'en wasn't much we bothered about. Time goes by and the kids over here are really into trick or treating now, but I think they've got it all wrong.

My son is now showing interest in hallowe'en, and I'd like to know from the experts (you guys) what it's all about...

From my understanding (and this is only gleaned from Charlie Brown cartoons and movies, you understand) is that kids go round the neighbourhood, dressed as ghosts and stuff, knocking on doors and shout 'Trick or Treat'! It is then up to the homeowner whether they give the kids a treat (sweets or something fun), or a trick (always a rock in Charlie Brown's case). Is this how it's done?

Kids over here seem to think its a way of obtaining candy with menaces - old ladies are afraid to answer the door for fear of kids putting their windows in, or get pelted with eggs if they don't give them sweets. Surely it's not for the kids to 'trick' the homeowner if they don't get sweets?
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jerry S

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Sep 3, 2003
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rather ironic

that a holiday with its origins in ancient Brittania is no longer known there but is alive and well in the US. Another irony is that when German linguists want to study old German, they go to the US because the german spoken by the Amish most closely resembles a variety spoken german that is extinct in Germany.

It would be like in 100 years, they celebrate thanksgiving in the UK when the holiday had been extinct in America and some Yank asks the English what it is all about. Funny.


That's why they call it "dope"
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Dec 6, 1999
BC Canada
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LOL...even if you trick em... give em a treat also.

I remember we used to throw rocks at the houses that gave us fruit instead of candy. I don't know what we would have done if they didn't give us anything at all.

It's fun to see the little kids dressed up and having a good time. The older kids just out there for candy and to cause trouble kinda put a damper on it. Although they are good for smashing pumpkins...after halloween night nobody wants their pumpkins anyway.


White by Birth, Trash By Choice
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Nov 29, 1999
I lived in norfolk for awhile. The kids from town would come to our housing development and ask for candy. They were a bit confused when I would ask them where the costumes were.


I prefer to be called "Evil Genius"
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Oct 10, 2001
Western Mass
Well how would you react if you were a kid and a guy in a monkey suit opened the door?



I prefer to be called "Evil Genius"
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Oct 10, 2001
Western Mass
...of course a Big Blue Fuzzy Closet Monster or a small blaster-toting blue fuzzy alien may also have the same effect.
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