Someone give me words of encouragement.

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  1. I'm having problems with both my projects, and I'm getting frustrated with them. Someone help me so I don't give up.
  2. Well you said it yourself.... Projects

    remember projects will many times give you grief but it is worth it. Who else do you know that is restoring or modding a classic car? People have always found it fascinating that I own a classic stang instead of a some sport compact. People who know i have the car are always asking me how my progress is going and like to check it out.

    One hint: (when you get he car running) if you want to get motivated, take a cruise through city streets. you get attention no matter how your car looks, and if you run into another classic or an enthusiasat you will get good feedback because you saving a car tht would otherwise get junked. Also, you will feel alot better when you just by driving.

    I havent driven my car for about two months but i should have the engine done by next week and I cant wait to trake her for a spin.
  3. phew! for a second there i just glanced at your name and thought someone stole my title! but the i looked closer and saw it was an 8 not a 9 which do resemble each other at a glance!
  4. what cars are giving you what problems?
  5. \

    Well, everytime I work on my 86, I find more and more stuff I need to figure out.
    Since I switched the complete interior to 93 and the the wiring from bumper to bumper, I run into small problems all the time. They've just added up I guess.

    And there's a ton of connectors from the dash harness that have nothing to hook to. I'm just assuming it's to power acc.'s like windows and locks, which this car has none of.
    On a 87-89, the fuel pump relay is under the seat, on 90-93 it's under the hood.
    I used 89 engine harness and the 93 harnesses for everything else. I have no place for a fuel pump relay. Little crap like that is starting to take it's toll on me. Not to mention that I still have to pull all the e-brake stuff to switch over, and the fuel pumps and fuel lines. I still have a lot of stuff I need to buy but have no money. Windsheild, clutch set, flywheel, MAF Computer, radiator.

    The 68 is ok for now, there's just kind of a mystery right now with it. (see my thread in tech).
    I can still drive it, so it's keeping me happy for now.
  6. Yeah, i've heard that mixing the harnesses causes some problems...

    Just keep working at it, especially if the 86 is just a project.. small steps at a time!
  7. i know the feeling you have. i have three projects myself, but not enough money or time to really deal with them. all i can say is keep after them and do little things as often as you can.
  8. 68Stang351

    Keep at it, solve one problem at a time. The really good projects take time to do it right.

    Besides, I'd rather have your problems, than my situation (single dad of two, one with a learning dis-ability) in trying to find time to work on my one project!

    It will get there, have patience.
  9. Projects take time; time to figure out the best method of doing something, time to get parts, time to make parts work where they were never designed to work, time spent with your head in your hands - trying to figure out why something that WAS designed to work just...doesn't. Makes finishing the job that much better.

    You're dealing with many miles of "past experience" in both cars.....stuff is gonna crop up. Like a couple of others said, you've chosen to keep these cars on the road; saving them from the scrap heap is a serious project. A very hard thing I had to do recently was telling NoKitten that he needed to take Cleo the Cougar off the road - 351C had some terrible bearing knock; and she needs a rebuild before rods start sticking out of the oil pan. Cool car, needs much work! She'll run again, 'cause he's not going to let her die. It's just gonna take some downtime before the Cougar snarls again.

    Keep it up, you have your health and your abilities; fixing the car is easier than fixing your worn-out self! (Just tacked on another year to my age yesterday - I'm now officially as old as the BBFCM!)

    Still Dreamin'