Someone kicked my stang today!!!

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  1. AND IT WAS ME!!!

    :bang: :bang: :bang:

    Heres the deal... my car has nooo power. It hesitates, stutters, and makes popping sounds from the exhaust, kinda like its backfiring. I've pulled codes and all it said was:

    14 (c): Intermittent PIP signal operation. Suspect PIP sensor or TFI module, or grounding or interference problems at the TFI module. Y1

    54 (orc*): ACT (air Charge Temperature) sensor voltage too high. DA10, DA90

    I changed the ACT sensor, it didnt look too bad, had some oil on it though. Car ran ok, but still stuttered. Then it started popping again. The weird thing is... the car runs PERFECT when its in test mode.... I've disabled the EGR, new cap and rotor, new wires, plugs look fine (eleeto splitfire plugs BTW), compression test was even and high, timing is perfect at 12...

    im getting tired of replacing EVERYTHING on my car just to get it working. Autozone are a bunch of homo's and wont let me return sensors because they dont warranty electronics cuz they dont know if I've burned them or not... my autozone sucks.

    and uhmm... it was more like a "cmon baby... work for me" kick to the bumper... which i wiped off cuz my shoe left a scuff mark...
  2. I think we've all been through that a time or two, just calm down, take a breather and come at this with a clear head.

    Try Un-plugging your mass air senser, if your cars got it, (Dont know what year it is), if it clears up, theres your problem. Mine was doing about the same thing, it would even die when I started going at a stop light. IF thats not it, have you checked your o2 sensor, that may be the prob as well.
  3. He's got an 89, check your TFI module. those are known to go bad
  4. Coming from someone with a HORRIBLE temper.

    Unseen Step 1: Become incredibly pissed off.
    Take Control Step 2: GET AWAY FROM THE STANG!

    If you don't step away you WILL break ****, at least I know I will.
  5. For code 54 my chiltons says "Act sensor circuit open". I would check the wiring. Now for the code 14.... I would check out something related to the "PIP circuit" since that was what the code is for.... the only thing I can think of that might be referred to as a PIP circuit on an 89 is the Camshaft Position Sensor system.

  6. dude the PIP sensor is profile ignition pickup, and i'm telling you that is the code given when your TFI module is going bad. wiggle the wires on the TFI module and see if it helps.
  7. My bad. On the DIS cars the PIP is on the crankshaft. I was trying to think of something related. I'm looking at the pinouts for the TFI unit now and I can see where the PIP is for the Speed density cars. :nice:
  8. So you ran the codes and it said the ACT and TFI was having replaced the ACT, didn't bother with the TFI and now are pissed because it didn't fix it :scratch:

    Since the act has nothing to do with causing the engine to backfire or anything else you mentioned I'd suggest you replace the TFI.

    Oh, and no place on earth will take back electrical components once they've been installed...once you bolt it on you own it.

  9. answered this before looking at the date of the post, sorry