Someone Please Hold My Hand Re: Wide Band O2 Sensor And Gauge

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by modulistic, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Just got the v3 in the mail, and am needing to get a wide band in there. What brand is good, and I guess drivers side long tube collect area for the bung.

    What are you looking for while the gauge is running... in the videos I've seen, the number flies all over the place. I guess just that it doesn't go over a particular number?
  2. If I were to buy one today, it would be an AEM or Innovate MTX-L with the program cable.

    Get yourself a kit that has:

    A gauge that you like
    A way to data-log
    A no-kidding REAL wide band sensor
    A kit that has a 5 volt analog output

    There are even versions out that allow you to data-log with your phone. Me being me... I would definitely invest in that feature... Preferably Bluetooth.

    I would not sacrifice the gauge that I wanted for Bluetooth though. (that last part is just me though... I want a gauge in the car that I will be happy to look at every day)
  3. Innovate MTX-L cant beat it for the money. I finally made a maiden voyage with my car and it was flawless with letting me know what was going on
  4. Buy a quality unit that has it's own A/F sensor, preferably one sensor for each side. The sensor needs to go as close to the point where all 4 header tubes merge for best results.The reason for that is the sensors need to get as much heat as possible for best accuracy. You can't use the gauge's A/F sensor for the computer since the output of the sensors is completely different.

    The A/F gauges that use the computer O2 sensor signal will jump all over the place and are just decoration. The reason is that the O2 sensors "switch" between .2 volt lean and .6 volt rich with a curve that looks like the drop off a high cliff. The curve is almost straight up and down, so the voltage shoots from .2 to .6 and back down again 2 or more times a second at cruse. You won't get much useful information except when the mixture is extremely lean or extremely rich, there is no middle ground. The engine control computer's program knows about the jumping around . The program is designed to use it to not only measure the A/F ratio, but also diagnose the quality of the sensors and their wiring.
  5. do you have a custom tune? EGR still enabled?
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm liking the mtx.

    Madspeed, i am in the middle of installing the v3, I'm just running the fmu that came with my kit. Tuning is tough to come by up here, and I'm not sure if the outfit that does it will know what they are doing.

    Right now there is a chip piggybacked on my ecu. It came with the car, I don't know anything about it except that it says diablo. Should I leave that in or take it out.

    Another question. The fmu has its own vac. Line to regulate fuel pressure obviously. Do I leave that one hooked up and run both, or just leave only the fmu by itself to regulate fuel pressure?
  7. Take that Diablo chip out!
  8. Haha! Ok. My previous experience with e-cams has been a surgefrom hell that would not go away. This one is running pretty strong and idles great, thought it was the chip. Also has long tubes.
  9. E cam here, no surges. Its all in the tune
  10. That chip was made for who knows what. Once you go boost, you are better off sticking with the base eec tune until you can affird a custom tune make for your specific setup