Something everyone who street races should watch **graphic warning**

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  1. Well, maybe you could ask Obama for some of that stimulus money...he seems to want to give it out for stuff far less deserving than what you mention...yeah, I know....when pigs fly, right? Sorry like I said, I like sarcasm too.

    BTW...I've posted here several times, a long time ago under a different username. I just came back when I bought the '05.
  2. OK...I'll bite...What safety precautions do you take when you go to the boonies to shoot?
  3. I just want you to tell me that you have never once pushed the gas pedal to the floor on the street in your mustang. Not once, ever. You don't speed, you don't talk on your cell phone or eat or drink while you're driving. You have never drank alcohol and drove. Let's hear it. You're a perfect law abiding citizen correct?? I bet you don't take advantage of your position as a police officer either :rolleyes:
  4. There is a difference between speeding, and street racing...I never said I didn't drive fast. That would be a ridiculous claim. In fact I said I like driving fast...I get to do it everyday, legally. By the time my shift is over, driving fast is the last thing on my agenda.
  5. oh yeah and we're supposed to not have weapons and rely on the cops to defend us from criminals, yeah... right... to be honest i feel more threatened by cops like the guy in sgt rock's avatar than any criminal on the streets.
  6. This is off topic, but...

    Dude, the last guy you will ever need to worry about when it comes to your guns, is a cop...most "real" cops (not FBI, or ATF etc) absolutely believe you should be able to own all the guns you want...unless your a felon, or a gangbanger. Rank and file cops are pretty much all pro 2nd amendment. It's the chiefs you need to worry about. They are just politicians with a badge, and will agree to just about anything to keep their jobs.

    My co-workers and I were just discussing this very thing this morning. We all agreed. If this administration starts down the gun control road, they can go without us. We're not going into any law abiding citizen's home to take their guns, they'll have to call in the feds. We want no part of it. Most of us own numerous firearms as well, so they would probably make us turn in everything short of what is absolutely necessary to do our jobs. So we're in the same boat as everyone else. Oh, and if you shoot some fool who broke into your house, most of us would give you a medal.

    Ask any street cop and they'll agree. Unless they work in a liberal run major city...they might feel the same way, but would never say so.
  7. I always enjoy being lectured by The Law. I liked the "and justice for all" they show in divorce court-but then, its the law. Felt like legal rape to me. Fine. Sgt Rambo will get us all, the guy in the avatar will crash through your windows, and make sure the law is upheld. Whew, I sure feel safer, and I asked, my kids do, too. Course, when he leaves Osama Bin Laden free to run amok in caves for 7 years and counting, from the most rediculous criminal act ever prepetrated on the American people(aside from the last 8 years of "leadership"), and he's got plenty of spare time to collar up on perps in race cars. Good job, Andy Sipowicz. We must have too many cops, with nothing better to do. In Chicago, where real cops have to worry about real crime, the racing I used to do (retired) was MORE controlled than any track I've ever raced at, sometimes BY the cops, and there were fewer deaths from it. Racers aren't on your next block- they are, and will be, where other people aren't. Thats where it pays. Not to mention, my father, and grandfather, did the same racing, in the same places, as I did, as the guys still racing today. As long as there is a transportation method- cars, bikes, trucks, horses, hell, that Usian Bolt guy in the Olympics was just running- there will always be racing, weather the "law"says there can be or not. They can't catch even a fraction of the guys racing, never have, and never, ever will. Maybe a little more time tracking missing kids might be slightly more honerable, less waste of all our time and $? How'd Jack Nicholson put it in that Cruise lawyer movie? "Don't think for a second you can come down here, and make me nervous."
  8. OK, OK yours is bigger....Geez, feel better now?:hail2:
  9. It ain't bigger, but I do the best I can with what I got:rolleyes:! You'll have to pardon me, btw, 10 years divorced, and contempt doesn't begin to describe what I have for court. No, I'm just saying, you guys have less and less resources to deal with the bad guys, that seem to have more resources than ever. Isn't there more important, better uses of your shifts than shagging racers, that are, most likely, right back at it in 12 hours time? It ain't gonna stop because the law says stop. Is street racing stupid, and done stupidly, by lots of guys? Without question. Young guys+fast cars=no common sense, in most cases. I'm very happy to have outgrown it. Can you stop street racing- or even put a dent in it? Have the forces, all across this country, ever stopped it? Please tell me you don't really think so. Because we never considered stopping when our locals said to. It paid too well, if you knew how to do it. You guys have a duty to control the illegal activity you get sent to control, but I would imagine this is one of the most frustrating chasing-the-tail routines your day can hold. I'm glad I didn't get into law enforcement- not just the getting shot at aspect, but, some traditions won't ever go away, no matter how silly.
  10. Im not gunna lie im a pretty big street racer, and a moderator on my local street racing board. But this video really touched me, I have seen other ones before but this one really wrenched my heart. I think it was because it showed it from the victims points instead of the drivers.

    I think I may hang up the street shoes and permanently throw on some track shoes. :nice:
  11. I still don't get what the video had to do with street racing... It was all just common stupidity. If anything the video was just showing that stupidity, fast food and cell phones kill a lot more people than street racing.

  12. well said

    Cops arent above everyone else either. Just the other week there was a veteran cop that ran down a old lady crossing the street with no lights and sirens. 65 in a 30mph zone.

    High speed chases in roush hour traffic..etc.etc.

  13. First, if that officer was driving at 65 in a 30 and hit a pedestrian, (run down would indicate it was intentional, which I doubt was the case) he should be prosecuted. Most departments have policies that outline how fast you can drive to a call, depending on priority. 65mph with no lights / siren is flat out negligent. Every state has a vehicle code section that allows emergency vehicles to be operated outside normal traffic laws, but those same VC sections have a caveat that reads something like;

    "The foregoing provisions shall not relieve the driver of an authorized emergency vehicle from the duty to drive with due regard for the safety of all persons, nor shall such provisions protect the driver from the consequences of his reckless disregard for the safety of others."

    It sounds like he might have been outside those conditions. My guess is that the officer is devastated by what happened. He will probably lose his job. Which is probably a good thing, my guess is he will be prosecuted as well. So, no he's not above the law.

    As for high speed chases at rush hour...I agree...we don't chase chicken ***** traffic violators (speeders, stop signs etc) especially if we know who the driver is or who the car is registered to. Granted, some agencies chase anyone for anything. Our policies and most police department policies forbid it. However, we will chase bank robbers, kidnappers etc. Often times we will shut down pursuits if they get too dangerous. For instance, bad weather, heavy traffic, etc. But if the suspect is a truly bad dude who represents more of a threat if he's not caught, we may go after him a little harder. It's a balancing act...lot of decisions to be made in a very short span of time.
  14. Not a goddamn thing..:notnice:
  15. Perhaps where you live. They can be amazingly effective in Philly.
    YouTube - Illegal street drag racing busted up by cops, group outruns!
    This is why I don't race down there. Also, the majority of the people down there are ricers with 15-17 sec cars. FWIW, they are down by Eagles stadium in the video.. Very industrial area when there isn't a game.
  16. So you can scrutinize and criticize them, too? No, I'm not going to play your game, SGT. I'm an infantry Captain, and a Combat Veteran. I've been through a hell of a lot of training, I've been in the **** for 14 months, and I don't intend to e-argue with you about my use of firearms, too. You understand my point, and are just digging. You'll bite? Whatever, I wasn't baiting you.

    Besides, that issue is tangent to the point in this thread: street racing.
  17. Rather than raising hell in my thread, find somewhere else to post. I've already addressed your points. I'll do so one last time:

    When you street race you're demanding a lot more from your car, you're far more likely to lose control of it than when you are driving normally. When you lose control of your car the stakes are higher because you're likely going faster than you are when you drive normally. Thus you are more likely to hurt or kill an innocent similar to the incidents portrayed in the video. Of course, that's only if you don't use due precautions, or if you choose to use bad judgment like so many street racers I've personally seen.

    If this doesn't apply to you because you do use due precaution and you take your races to safe places, and you don't endanger others, and you just want to raise hell about the point I'm trying to illustrate here, for the last time kindly GTFO of my thread. What's the big deal? :shrug:

  18. Nice to see your on our side.
  19. ha, Bentley.. I don't mean to come across as an internet-badass, though. I'm just trying to portray my familiarity with firearm safety, and let SGT-Rock know why I don't intend to get into that discussion.

  20. That shook me pretty bad too.

    Great post.
    Some people need it.