Something Is Wrong With Steering !

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  1. Hello, I am new to this but I need input quick ! I drive a 1990 5.0 lx with 84k.. Lately I have been having serious issues with the steering and somewhat of the brakes... I recently had new tires put on and oil change after the car sat for three months due to an accident from behind involving a semi truck, their insurance really screwed me and the car was not looked over properly. I am having issues when I try to turn concerning a strange loud clicking sound, and the wheel sometimes sticks in place to where I pretty much have to yank it to move and or seriously resists to turn, it also happens when I'm braking. It's scaring me terribly and I have for now parked it until I can figure out what's going on, I thought it was tie rods but had them checked along with the brakes and I was told they were all fine. Sometimes I hear two different sets of clicking noises and I can now feel it through out the car and steering wheel. All fluids have been checked, and everything else seems pretty normal. Help ??
  2. Any idea which part is repaired after the incident? check the steering linkages if they are in good condition? See the rubber boots, bushings. etc.
  3. I read a lot about incident like this. Well, if you drive, there's probably little you hate more than getting your car or key repaired. It usually expensive and time-consuming hassle no one looks forward to. Even so, it doesn't have to be so bad. Nothing is set in stone when a repair shop offers you a quote on fixing your vehicle. This is since the quote is just an estimate based on what it is anticipated to cost to get the job done. If things get more expensive, the fix shop can legally charge you more cash. If your repairs cost more than you expected and you also do not have the cash a personal loan can help.
  4. Because of the location of your steering mechanisms, it's a bit tougher to inspect ... The moment you “feel” that there's something wrong