Something Rattling While Accelerating!

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by XJay, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. I've noticed a strange noise lately, and it's gotten a bit louder - when I accelerate, there's this strange rattling noise coming from under the car, around the engine bay area (I can hear it clearly through the dash/floorboards when the radio is off). It only does it in drive, never on a bumpy road, only while accelerating. Any ideas what could be causing this noise?
  2. Likely spark knock. Try a higher octane gas and see if it goes away or lessens. If not let us know and we can work from there.
  3. Also check (believe it or not) your brakes! I had the same thing and it turned out to be something hosed with my brakes!
  4. Detonation... Try using a higher octane
  5. Also check you exhaust something very similar happened to me and it turned out to be that my headers weren’t sealing whit my exhaust flanges and that exhaust leak sounded like a rattle
  6. Well, here's the story. Changed the plugs/wires back in February, around July had trouble with the #3 cylinder mis-firing (turns out the wire t that plug was leaning against a 'hot pipe', and burned a hole right through it. Changed the wire, then the plug began to foul, with both the 'spark knock' and my fuel economy getting worse and worse until the CHECK ENGINE light came on last week. So, I grabbed a new plug, changed the #3 cylinder (the old plug was black), and everything was running smooth again (this was done late Thursday).

    Today, the spark knock noise is returning........crap......
  7. thats what happened with mine also. it won't rattle in neutral but when i accelerate, it has a little chirp/tick to it. i would run some seafoam through your PCV valve. after running it through for a minute, kill the engine, wait about 5, then crank it again and look under the hood for exhaust leaks. that is how i have found both of mine.
  8. i have same problem

    i have the same problem and it is not commining off of the intake side so it hass to be exhaust and if anyone knows which pcv vavle and support witha pic would be greatly appreciated.. if any thing ill support pic if some one can edit it.
  9. This could be alot of things especially depending on mileage on the odometer. Pick up an automotive stethoscope and use it to pinpoint the location. It probably does it all the time but you only notice it at higher rpms or WOT. I had the same prob with my '96 GT and it was worn out timing chains, tensioners and the tensioner guide. Use the scope and listen at idle at different spots on the motor and slightly increase throttle until you find where the sound comes from. The scope is less than $10. at a parts store.
  10. Pic towards the bottom.
  11. I dont know if this is common, but Mine has a whine to it when I am stoped, or just starting to accelerate. Is this common? I just got my 02 v6 mustang and I love it, I came from a 01 4.0 ranger
  12. Do you have a stock intake?
  13. the whine could also be from your belt. my sisters cougar whines before it warms up especially since it staring to get colder. it could be that u dont hear the whine when ur driving at normal speeds
  14. Yes it is.

    I am starting to get used to the noise.

    is it bad?

  15. And While driving back from south beach, I noticed that it does it while driving, but not all the time.

    any help would be great.