Something to considor while waiting for 05

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  1. Wow, it's actually up to a 1/4 mil. That is a very sad sight to see. Poor car. :(

    Pretty sure the owner of that car's insurance is going to be really jacked. :D I'm also pretty sure they can afford it at any rate.

  2. That'll buff right out.
  3. That's just painful to see. I heard you had to be selected ny ferrari to buy one of those. My guess is they won't be considered again.
  4. 353 miles. What a d#@k.
  5. Great, 300 grand for a wreck. You have any idea how much it will cost to fix that on top of the 300 grand? You could buy a new one cheaper than what it will take to save that one. Parts alone will be expensive as hell, and how many places are certified to do the repair right in the US? 3 or 4 maybe... BIG bucks.
  6. Would that V12 fit in the trunk of a Mustang fox body? Could make for a somewhat good sleeper lol

  7. maybe $50,00 or so :shrug: as long as it costs less than $300,000 That'd still be less the the $650,000+ list price. And after it's fixed it's just gonna go up in value. You can't buy a new one, they already made all of them. He made some money, and got to drive an enzo, I'd be satisfied and buy a Lambo or S7 or somthing to that effect.
  8. Oops double post :nonono:
  9. You can't rationalize a car like this on those terms. There are only a handfull of these in the world, built to stratospheric performance standards by one of the most renowned car companies in the world. The ratio of supply/demand for this car was so high that no amount of money could guarantee you would get one. When ferrari did the F50, to buy one you had to have owned at least 2 other ferrari's in you life and they had to be satisfied that you wouldn't sell the car right away. I think the Enzo had the same restrictions plus you had to have done some amount of racing in your life to be considered.

    This thing will appreciate as well. not a bad investment. It will come up at Barrett/Jackson in 10 years as "infamous chassis number XX that was bought by so-and-so who promptly crashed it while scratching himself doing 150mph...
  10. I'm not even sure I'd bet on there being any place in america that could repair those. That's a lot of Carbon fiber work. I'm pretty sure that's $100k at least for the parts on her. Both fenders look jacked the front Valance is gone. And the hood is wreckage. And that's just the surface stuff. If any of the underlying structure is fubar. Than it could easily be more expensive than buying one new. On the bright side. At least we know the airbags worked.
  11. That car will probably have to be shipped back to Maranello for repairs. The damage looks more cosmetic than anything else though. All the doors open and close, which is a good sign. It wouldn't surprise me if the tub was completely intact.

    The bidding is up to $301,900.00 now. Anone care to guess how much takes it?
  12. Considering the owner likely paid 750K at least :)

    They should shoot the original owner--I mean if you gonna wreck a enzo--do it on the track at least!!!

    --Heck it's damaged good, I would instead replace the panels w/custom fiberglass pieces, you'll save about 60K...
  13. How do you know he didn't wreck it on a track?
  14. Easy fix? I dunno about that, that car makes liberal use of carbon fiber. I like the sleeper idea though, then I'd get my wish of having a Mustang with a sequential gearbox!

  15. you guys do know it's mid engineright?

  16. You're nuts.

    The type of person that buys a car like this spends *maybe* 10% of thier gross income purchasing the car. Compare that to the average car buyer, who might spend 40% or more and it's obvious the financial equation is not the same. The person that buys this car isn't going to be shopping of jobber parts for it at napa or canadian tire. say the car ends up going for $400k and costs another $200k to send it back to italy for repairs. That's a steal for the fastest road going ferrari ever built.
  17. Why would you add weight to it. From what I've read the body is carbon fiber.
  18. I don't like the Enzo. It's an ugly car. Ferrari doesn't make nice looking cars anymore.
  19. If i had the $$$, i'd be all over it. You could build it back up for less than the price of the new one. Plus the damage is to the front (mid engine), so drivetrain should be solid, and the mileage is a very low 353 miles.