Something to considor while waiting for 05

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  1. US $302,100.00, 3 days 19 hours to go...
  2. The enzo is by absolutely no means about looks, but it is ugly as hell.
  3. It looks much better than it photographs.
  4. You've seen one? lucky bastard.
  5. At the chicago auto show last year.
  6. HA HA HA, $300,000 That's a F***'n joke. It might cost 1 million to fix. lol :rlaugh:
  7. Not likely. The car retailed for around 600k when new, and it was hand built.
  8. The Enzo is a gorgeous car in person, no photograph does it justice. Federov's is still at Cauley Ferrari in Detroit here if anyone still wants to check it out. It's yellow and the license plate says "BRKAWAY".

  9. i bet he has tons of self esteem now :D
  10. Remember, this car uses a monocoque(spelling) chassis, made of exotic materials, not metal. The hit looks hard enough that it was probably damaged. The suspension pieces are carbon fiber, again, probably trashed. It is not just cosmetic damage, slap on a few body panels and she's good as new. The technology behind it is all based on the F1 car. Who said it mid or rear engined? DUH! No, I thought the engine fell out!!! LOL! I saw the yellow one at the chicago show last year. Although I loved the lime Lambo better, the Marcielargo. (spelling)
  11. You spelled "monocoque" right.

    It's impossible to say whether or not the tub has been damaged. If I had to guess, I would say no, it hasn't. The ad describes the car as being "rebuildable", the doors look like they open and close OK, the front wheels don't look severely damaged or misaligned and the windshield is completely intact. All this suggests that the crash damage didn't reach the front bulkhead.

    And no, you can't just take this thing to Joe's body shop for some detailing. This thing is going back to the factory for repair.

    up to $305,100.00 now...
  12. Bottom line is that the car has a salvaged title. No true Ferrari enthusiast is going to want to pay big money for it. To have it returned back to the original condition (if possible), will require sending it back to Italy and spending some good money. I agree that it may sell on Barrett Jackson. So, if you really want one and don't want to pay close to 1.5 million...

    My friend has a deposit down on a Mondeno and he is on a 2 year waiting list to receive his car. Delivery date is scheduled for Aug. '05. So, it's not like you can just go to the Ferrari dealer and buy a new one. Especially an Enzo, they are all spoken for. Ordering it is the only way you don't get price guaged.

  13. We have some evidence for how much it would cost to get it fixed. Insurance companies typically total a car if the damage exceeds 80% of the value of the car. The insurance company reportedly paid $1.3M on this car, so let's call that the value of the car. 80% of that is just a bit over $1.0M, so the estimate to repair must have been in that neighborhood. :shrug:

  14. As somone already stated this isn't a normal car and is probably insured at that cost because of the marquee value. I, of course, have no factual basis just like anyone else here.
  15. This cars new daddy is going to be someone with cubic dollars at his disposal and will be able to restore the car to original condition, regardless of the cost. The fact that he is prepared to dish out $300k for a wreck is proof of that.

    ...and I'm sure he'll have no problem keeping the pool heated after it's all said and done.

    People at our end of the food chain simply cannot comprehend the dollars behind something like this.
  16. This car is wrecked, but it is still and Enzo. Its one of only a few made. And in order to buy one you had to be someone. Now anyone with the $$ has the chance to own. Yeah, its wrecked, but with enough $$ they will send it back to Italy and have it repaired. You always see Ferrari's that have been wrecked and even rebodied get top dollar. This car is an excellent investment. Someone with enough money will probably be able to afford to have the salvage title thing be forgotten.
  17. It's up to $325,400.00 now, 3 days to go.

    I'll be surprised if this thing tops out at less than $400k.
  18. why would you do a corvette Z06', a SVT Cobra,and a Ford GT, and call it a day. Quantity, not Quality.
  19. I was watching some TV show on them and an oil change was like $1000 if I remember correctly!

  20. As I said before, people like us have no concept of this kind of money. The "if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it" crowd.

    And if he wanted any of those cars, I'm sure he already has them. And I'm sure he wouldn't be making payments either.