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  1. bottom line is that the car probably cost the original owner 1.5-2 million... and it can easily be fixed before topping that.. .but as others said, with cars like these, its not about the cost. Its about owning the fastest car in the world.

    And ron.. .have you see a 575 Maranello? Goddamn... sexiest car, ever.
  2. I'm not sure it's the sexiest ever. But it is one of the top 10.
  3. Series 1 E-Type Shaguar

    Yea Baby!
  4. The person buying this thing probably has all those parked next to their shelbys, lambos, benz, rolls, BMW, etc. They are all paid in full I'm sure too.
  5. Pictures do not do the Enzo justice. I thought that it was ugly in pictures, but it is probably the best looking car I have ever seen. The proportions are unbelievable. I was lucky enough to sit in one, but did not get the chance to go around the track. Other people at the event I was at were getting to take a lap in the car. The owner would not open her up though. Sounded pretty good.
  6. Just watched the "rides" episode where they shipped on in from Canada to put new wheels on it.

    According to the guy in rides.

    msrp was $650k.
    actual sale price was over $1million.
    Estimated value is more like $2 million, if you can find somone willing to sell.
    You had to have purchased both an F40 AND F50 to get on the list of eligible buyers.
    399 built

    The current bid on the wreck is $352,100.00. I still say it'll end up north of $400k.
  7. And if you have the money it's worth every cent. As has already been said you can't just walk in and buy one of these things. You couldn't even put a deposit on one and wait. You could be the richest guy in the world but if you didn't meet their criteria you weren't gonna get one. If I had the money I'd take it.
  8. hey, if we all pool together, maybe we can buy fix it, and sell it for a profit. If 20 of us put in $20,000 each we can bid $400K. Then lets invest say another $10K each, thats $200K we can use to fix it. Then we'll sell it for $1.5 million. We can make a $900K profit divided by 20 is $45,000 profit each. Who's in? You invest a total of $30K and get back $75K.
  9. If I had that kind of money I wouldnt even think about placing a bid unless I talked to the factory and got assurances that they would rebuild it for me and would do the regular services when they were required.

    People saying that rich people dont think about that much money are half right, they dont think about spending good money but they dont go throwing good money after bad either. If Ferrari wont touch it then that car is trash and has no value except to take to a race day, but dont ever expect to sell that thing again.

    Sorry but in my eyes that car is worthless for resale value. You will be lucky if Ferrari will even work on that thing. Is it worth it on a pure feeling level, probably, if you are a Ferrari nut and they wouldnt sell you one in the first place.
  10. Ferrari rebuilds and rebodies cars that have been trashed all the time. It will cost you $$, but this car is not just any old Ferrari. Now, if this car was crashed by someone important or famous, then it will be worth big $.
  11. I wonder what he hit. The damage is not so bad to make me think it was a high speed accident. I bet he rear ended a minivan on an off ramp. I would have loved to see the face of the person he hit. Could you imagine getting rear ended by that thing?
  12. I'm not so sure I believe the "you have to be special to buy it" argument. That sounds more like urban legend to me. There is a local guy who owns one, and his claim to fame is that he's rich. Very rich. He owns a very upscale supermarket, he's not a race car driver or anything like that. But Ferarri let him buy an Enzo.

  13. I don't know what the requirement were, but I remember they were pretty sepcific. Heck you had to have a racing license just to get a Cobra R. Right now the price is just 100,000 over what the engine would cost to replace it. They want 250,000 just for the engine. The tires were specific to the car too.
    The Oil I believe is around $75 per quart.
  14. I'm pretty sure that in order to buy the car originally you had to own both an F40 and an F50 (this info from the show "Rides").

    Also, looks like whoever is buying it is not going to get it anyways. The seller is requesting you pay through western union which, from what I've read from consumer advisories, is one of the most popular ways to get screwed out of your $ from Ebay scammers. :notnice:

    Looks pretty shady to me but hey, it's not my $.....
  15. I know that Ferrari has an issue with people buying and then selling the cars for more than what they paid for. There are special requirements for buying any Ferrari now.
  16. from what I've heard, from watching Tommy Hilfiger get his enzo on "rich girls" or whatever it had to be your 3rd ferrari that you bought from a DEALERSHIP (so no buying used here), and you had to take a training course before you could take it home. oh yeah, and Tommy said it was a "cheap" car cause it didn't have power windows...riiight
  17. I dont remember where it was, but I saw a thread where a guy took a wrecked enzo and rebuilt it...its funny but the pictures looked very similar to the ones on the ebay ad.
  18. Not a very hard license to get, I'm guessing. I know someone who has both a 1995 Cobra R and a 2000 Cobra R, I think I'll ask him what hoops he had to jump through to get Ford to sell them to him. He's not a race car driver, but he may have an amateur license, I suppose.