Something to considor while waiting for 05

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  1. That's a shame.

    Yea, Ferrari's main requirements were that you had to have alwready owned an F40 AND F50 to be eligible. That in itself is a pretty exclusive list, especially when you consider that there were similar requirements to be able to purchase those cars. Essentially, to buy an Enzo you have to be one of the fortunate individuals who have been lucky enough to have dished out between 1.5 to 2 million dollars on Ferrari's in your life. And that just gets you on the list! Believe me, anyone who's done that in their life, *is* sombody.

    $350k for a write-off, where anyone with the cash can bid, is sounding better all the time.
  2. It's now invalid. That sounds to me like someone may have been trying a scam.
  3. I thought the payment instructions sounded a little sketchy to me.

    Who knows?
  4. here it is
  5. Ouch, thats gonna take some serious cash to fix.

    OT: I was looking around, and I saw this. I think it might outrun the Enzo

    Edit: Just saw somebody else had posted it in another topic, heh, I'm just not fast enough
  6. Pocket Change
  7. Maybe I could use it to haul my trailer.

  8. Does the winning bidder get the women? :drool:
  9. Racing license is NOT easy to get. It requires track experience, classroom, and proving yourself on the track. He was talking about a real Cobra (Shelby) not a Mustang "Cobra package".
  10. An SCCA regional lisence is not tough to get.
  11. or 15-20 saturns!!!