Something to think about....why not to get a 05 mustang

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  1. It's right there on page 6 of the owner's manual, lifted from another site.

    Have fun at the track! this could mean voiding warranty for "typical mustang usage"


    Other modules in your vehicle — event data recorders — are capable of
    collecting and storing data during a crash or near crash event. The
    recorded information may assist in the investigation of such an event.

    The modules may record information about both the vehicle and the
    occupants, potentially including information such as:
    • how various systems in your vehicle were operating;
    • whether or not the driver and passenger seatbelts were buckled;
    • how far (if at all) the driver was depressing the accelerator and/or the
    brake pedal;
    • how fast the vehicle was traveling; and
    • where the driver was positioning the steering wheel.
    To access this information, special equipment must be directly connected
    to the recording modules. Ford Motor Company and Ford of Canada do
    not access event data recorder information without obtaining consent,
    unless pursuant to court order or where required by law enforcement,
    other government authorities or other third parties acting with lawful
    authority. Other parties may seek to access the information
    independently of Ford Motor Company and Ford of Canada.
  2. :cool: Big brother is watching you...
  3. i'm not gonna buy one for that matter only! :mad: i don't like spiez they should diez with pies and lie with fliez! :fuss:
  4. I was reading somewhere before about this very same thing. The big push is the insurance companies...imagine getting into a car wreck, let's say someone pulls out in front of you, completely not your fault, the other person gets cited...but you were going 42 mph in a 35 mph zone. Now the other persons insurance refuses to pay up because you were speeding.

    The kicker is the device is bought it when you bought the car. You do not have to just hand it over and for anyone to use it. I would imagine it might take a court order.

    It is an absolute invasion of privacy...there are some groups out to get rid of it.
  5. here's another reason not to buy an '05.... the fact that it's UGLY.:notnice:
  6. Forgot to mention that it's huge, and lacks a High Performance model.
  7. I'm buying an 05 because its BEAUTIFUL, has 300HP which is MORE than enough power for me, is only a fraction bigger than my 95 yet gives my passengers more room, and the fact it isnt a crappy ass V6.
  8. i like big butts and i cannot lie, you other brothas cant deny... :banana:

  9. Looks good to me. Looks like a classic.
  10. :rolleyes:
    You do know that there will be a 6 cylinder model available right?

    Have you seen it in person?
    I saw it about a month ago. I went to see it with a couple guys from the magazine. Since I went with them, I had to wait while they interviewed someone. So I was basically staring at the thing for 4 hours.
    It's nothing special. It's obviously still an affordable car, so it's not like there's anything totally amazing about it. It is refreshing to see a new design after 6 years. But I've had my '66 since 2000, and I've never gotten sick of looking at it, or any other classic. It's VERY easy to get sick of the '05 design. We've been seeing pictures for over a year, and they will be EVERYWHERE when they come out.

    If I was on the market now, I would grab an '04 Mach at a discount and blow the doors off all the '05's.
  11. There will be a V6 your right..but I wont buy one.

    As far as seeing it in person yes I have, and its a beautiful car.

    Now will they be everywhere when they come out? Sure, but what Mustang isnt everywhere? And as far as the Mach 1 goes...take it. I dont like the 99+ body. Thats why I dont have one.
  12. I still don't see your point. The fact that you didn't get a V8 before was not a fault with the previous model years.

    It also bothers me when people say it looks like a classic. It really doesn't.
    And if you want the classic look, just get a classic.
  13. As far as the comment I made about the V6 I was meaning purely from my stand point. I'm getting a brand new car and it wont have to be a V6. But hell I'd still take the V6 going in the 05 over the current V6 anyway.
    And looks are subjective but I think the 05 looks classic while still being modern. However I wont buy a classic because warrenty's are great things. Plus I can get a brand new car for about as much as a classic anyway.
  14. so... retro-modern-styling...
    anybody see the new 2006 charger concept?
    its um... green... and... much more modern than retro... but it keeps a similar flow to it atleast...? Supposedly it is modt like a Magnum Coupe... dont envision that one too quickly without cringing can you? lol
    i hope these companies dont really think these cars are true revivals?
    pontiac GTO anyone? not meant to be retro, but rather a repackaged grand am... lol sounds good though 0_^
  15. i like the 05 shelby cobra concept

  16. i like the shelby GR-1 concept
  17. i like the 99-04's...this is how it is for all cars with me tho, i get used to them and then love the dodge pickups
  18. I agree. It's stupid that they call the new GTO an American Muscle car. It would've been just as good if they had just sold it to us as a Holden Monaro. We've been begging for Australian cars for a couple years now anyway. No point in rebadging them to boost sales. I'm still hoping Ford brings the Falcon over. A Ford turbo inline six that can take down 5.7 Monaros, then there's a V8 version faster than that. :D
    Only thing that sucks is if the sticker price of a GTO is any indication of what a Falcon might cost, it'll be a long time before I'd be able to afford one anyway.
  19. wowee guy, i like the 94-98s better, thats why i have one (although i still stand by my silly claim that the 94-98 GT just doesnt look fast/good, and stock 99-04 V6's dont look fast/good, maybe its all aboot the front mach 1 spoiler, i lovers it!