Something to think about....why not to get a 05 mustang

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  1. Looks or not, this car is light years ahead of any previous Mustang.
  2. You could've said the same thing in '79 or '94.

    I think I'll keep my primitive classic. ABS and traction control are for *******. :rlaugh:
  3. Why not to buy an 05

    You Guys cracke me up!!!

    People always find a reason to dislike somthing about anything!I'am 48 years old and remember when the first Mustang rolled onto the dealers lots,some of the old Falcon and Galaxy guys said it would never be a classic!Yeah right!! I have seen the new 05 in the lime green color and its looks great.The fit and finish is much better than any past Mustang I have had the pleasure to drive.The 05 finally has a dececnt interior and the Ford mechancis I talked to say even the V6 is pretty potent.I own a 2000 tropic green v6,5spd and like it just fine but the 05 has a much better interior and lots better seats.
  4. yeah, the new mustang looks sweet, but some of these colors dont help (read: baby blue) lol
    I love the way the interior looks with the interior accent rim package thing, with the red seats and stuff... wow
    reminds me of my bro's old stang, which was White, with a black and red interior, very hott and i have yet to see another like it, found one that was close, but had black leather seats instead of red cloth ones =/
  5. I've been told the same thing by automotive journalists that have driven the '05. Should be interesting.
  6. I think the 05 is cool in its own right, but it took me a while to warm up to it.
    The one thing it lacks is the Mustang, "kick ass attitude", look!
  7. Something to think about why not to get a 05 Mustang

    Hey folks!
    Do you remember when the 99 came out with the different front headlights and rear end,some liked it and some didin't.I think the 05 is a perfect blend of past and present automotive design, its already drawing attention!!!The number one thing I like about any Mustang is nothing else on the road looks like it.I would love to own an 05 GT coupe, havent seen any ragtops yet.Wait till a new Mach 1 comes out.I always thought the 69 Mach 1 was best looking car Ford ever made.I will jump at the chance to test drive a new one,maybe I will go on Oprah and she will give me a new red GT lol! :D
  8. I think the 05 is gorgeous. I'm going to stop by a few local dealers just to look at it. I won't be able to afford a new car any time soon, but I just have to see it in person...sit in the seats, hear the engine, etc. I love it!