Soon To Be Owner Of A 1992 Fox Gt

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  1. what all should i look for? I'm coming from a Built Wrx Back to V8s.

    this one has a new less than 2k miles on crate motor. 30k crate warranty, mild cam and thats about all i know at the moment.
    has 136k on car and tranny.

    here are some pics

    thanks and tell me your knowledge!
  2. Looks great!
  3. picked it up today! has shorty headers and flow masters on it. More than a mild cam i believe. fairly lopey and extremely loud car. power seats and locks and windows. new carpet and swade cobra seats from a newer model i believe
  4. my speedo is WAAAY off. i have 3.73 gears and i have the new PINK speedo gears to install. i know where the small one on the tranny cable goes but where does the big one go?
  5. One is just inside the tranny
  6. You need to remove the tailshaft in order to swap the drive gear. Not really a fun job
  7. is it really necessary? can i just do the one on the speedo cable?
  8. Id check the color of the drive gear to be sure its the correct part for your setup
  9. its pink, but when i did the inputs on a stang website it said to use the white one
  10. is it worth getting a bama tuner? the one with the 3 dial selector?
  11. no to a tuner for these cars
  12. Ive heard that from some local guys who said the same. So if i raise the Octane does it make a difference?
  13. not unless your boosted
  14. can someone tell me what shifter i have? says roush on the handle.
  15. I'd guess it's a Roush :shrug:
  16. Looks like the old Hurst shifter with a Roush branded handle
  17. i had a hunch it was a hurst as well but didn't look like the ones i kept finding from searches
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  18. looks like the early model, i bought one new way back in the early 90's
  19. after more and more searching (last 2hrs) it is the original hurst shifter design. It's prolly time to upgrade that part as it has some play on the left side(1st and 2nd). but i will keep it as a classic part no doubt.
  20. Yup, go steeda triax or pro 5.0. They both have the spring loaded mechanism to help with the 2-3 shift that the old hurst still had trouble with