Soon To Be Owner Of A 1992 Fox Gt

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Cosseywrx, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I can vouch for the Steeda tri ax....I just installed one on my 96 the other day and it's 100x better than stock....shifts are much shorter and feel a lot stiffer...if you're like me and drive with your hand on the shifter a lot, it even gives a whole different feel to just cruising, almost makes you wanna get on it just so you can shift...
  2. i compared the 2 alot last night and im getting the Steeda for sure.

    First mod is going to be a Blacked out BBK CAI as the person before did the SURGING idle ram intake method. DUMB.

    also gonna change out the rear diff fluid and a new aluminum cover for it.

    then comes the shifter.
  3. so whats a good idle for a 340hp ford crate motor? it idle around 500-600 but i feel that is to low and the car rocks quite a bit. i bumped it up to around 8-900 as i feel that is a smoother idle.

    and how do yall who have the smog pump delete wrap the belt? mine seems a little off or not right looking. obviously getting the job done tho.
  4. 800 is a good idle number. Mine prefers 900 with the e cam though
  5. bbk black out CAI ordered!
  6. steeda tri ax ordered, new diff fluid and aluminum cover!
  7. im having trouble figuring out what the stock speed driven gear is in my T-5? i have 3.73 gears and i pulled out a yellow speedo cable gear as it was reading like 35pmh high and i installed the pink gear as it came with the car and it reads like 10mph high now. tires in the rear are 2854018.

    i need to know how many teeth the stock speed gear in the t-5 is!