sooo, what are you doing today?

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  1. hm hm hm, im porting my turbo head today....wonder how far i will get. Darn unshrouding valves is a pain, i should have known better...ive already done this once before! Perhpas ill get some pics if i can barrow a dig camera (since my battery charger decided to leave !) what are you guys upto?
  2. Not much, i'm just chillin', post-whoring over at 4.6 talk, and listening to Bad Religion.
  3. Some of us poor souls have to work for a living.. :bang:
  4. I am chilling, cleaning the block of my engine of oil :( (Don't ask...I posted earlier..) wondering how to make my intake work with the current setup and still pass inspection, etc, babysitting as of right now though, pops' is coming over after work to help me see where the leak is coming from, ENGINE WORK, WOO HOO!!!
  5. I cleaned out my garage and put hoodpins on my camaro. All while contimplating the best way to go about getting my stang going.
  6. I'm at school on a computer with a sticky left SHIFT key, trying to think of someone to use for my Introductory speech that's due in less than three hours. Needs to be 1-3 minutes, and use the following format:

    Introduction Outline
    Members of the class—it is my pleasure to introduce to you today a very special guest who will be speaking on the subject of_________________ ___________________________________________________________.

    This is an important and valuable subject that will aid you in__________________________________________________________.

    He/she works as the ____________________________________________.
    His/her credentials include _______________________________________.

    Guest Speaker
    Today, he/she is going to share some important tips on how you can ____________________________________________________________.
    Please welcome ____________________________________!

    Who can I use? :shrug:

  7. ME, PICK ME!!! :flag:
  8. I'm sitting at home sick today :(
  9. Hah! I thought of Lee Iacocca, did a bit of googling, and now I have my speech. :D The originator of the Mustang, who better?

  10. could have done it on me, Since i am the slowest porting person in the world! my qualifactions include, tearing apart 5.0s, tearing apart 2.3, and hoping one day to get them to work again ;O) I also type 25 post' a minute ....if that counts for anything.

    update: almost done with one exhuast port, phewy what pain in the exhuast port(if ya know what i mean ). :p

    keep it real

  11. More than usual..huh? :D
  12. Filed License Renewal's for 2 radio stations,

    a settlement agreement for 4 stations,

    and other associated job requirements, and I'm spent.

    boo hoo.

    Gonna go home and let the weekend playing commence! :nice:

    later guys,
  13. Ah, another beautiful day of ....what else, but Porting! Today i finished fixing a minor hole that formd in one of the bowls of an exhaust port. It seems only one was "that" picky, the rest of the exhuast bowls evened out quite nicely and will look sweet after i polish'em. Also did a pretty quick (1hr) unshrowding of the intakes, i left one undone so i can show the differnce between them , shrowd'd vs unshrouded....anyways, hopefully get my BIG valves tomorrow :p so i can have a valve job and install on this head...seems to be holding me back from getting my motor together. LET THE WEEKEND COMMENCE! :nice:
  14. Who said that I don't work? :D