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  1. Well I have been asked by a few people where I've been. So heres the tell all book about m past few months.

    As you all know my car broke again. Its still broke never did anything too it except pull the vc's the knock is farther down in the motor. You may also remember back when I stoped postng me and my gf now ex were having issues. She moved out of her house and in with another guy her "friend" said she was kicked out. She said she wanted to work things out with me and that he didn't mean anything. She told me that she was having depression issues too and that I can call her. (this is after she has a new number for like a month or two and wouldn't give it to me) So that night I call her an she flips out on me saying i got her in trouble with the other guy and kept hanging up on me so i said **** this and broke up with her. Few weeks later she texts me saying she still loves me. I go out to see her at work and that night she tells me shes preg with my kid. She won't show proof tough

    i know i know I told you so I don't need to hear it.

    So I was off work for 2 months seen a shrink and was on zoloft. Then she tells a couple months after being broke up that shes no longer with him blah blah blah but her myspace says she was engaged. I got tired of dealing wither the lies cause EVERYTHING for the year we dated turned out to be a freaking lie. So i started ignoring her and things slowed down she tried calling yesterday again :mad: .

    OK on to better things

    I've been trying to mod my truck. I ordered a dual exhaust for it which part of it got lost in shipment so I have been fighting about that. Just got an email today that they are gonna send me a new one out tomorrow. Been looking at lift kits prolly gonna go with a 4 in lift but may try to push a 5in and get like 35in tires :hail2:

    So how has everyone else been?
  2. Man. Welcome Back.

    Sorry about the woman problems. It certainly looks like a real kick in the pants. Luckily, you don't get any of that bull**** around here, so feel free to vent any more if you need to.

    Glad to see you around these parts again. hopefully this coming spring will put your mind at ease. seasons change, people grow older, stronger...mustangs gain traction :)
  3. if i have my way mine will lose traction :D
  4. so i'm assuming she really wasn't pregnant?
  5. girls suck, period. especially those the that dont care about playing games with guys heads
  6. :shrug: I don't even know yet.

    if she is and its mine I'm gonna fight for custody shes too crazy to have a child. Her mom even told me she'd help (but again not sure if she can be trusted either)
  7. That sounds like one crazy b****, but glad to hear things are starting to get better for you.:nice:
  8. Most people say to try and work it out if there is a kid envolved, but no offense... if it is your kid, don't consider getting back with her. Doesn't sound like it would be healthy for ANYONE.

    Get that Mustang back on the road! You need to go out pimpin' you're a free man again! LOL

    Oh, and welcome back!
  9. +100 on crazy **** and fixin the stang

    buy a cheap 302 shortblock, get it honed, bored out to 306, all new bearings, new rings and some pistons. good to go
  10. You ever heard the phrase, the hair of the dog? It refers to crackin a couple beers in the morning to get rid of a hangover. The same can be applied to broads. Get a new one and the problem solves itself. Worked for me.

    And for god's sake man, take Van Wilder's advice:

    Don't be a fool, wrap your tool.

  11. :lol: I don't drink.... but funny none the less.
  12. damn sorry to hear it.....
  13. welcome back...

    a little anna to cheer you up.

  14. Welcome back!
  15. Doug......:lol: :rlaugh:

    What's Up Jinx........I'm gonna come to PA......with Aaron.....we are all going to chop up about 20 lines of that all the way to Bike week in Daytona.......stop by Joe's house and steal some beer...........and get butt naked and locked up.........:bang:
  16. Woman are like cars, you need to test drive a couple.. some times even lease them... look for low mileage, great headlights, low maintenance, low emissions, clean tailpipes, and she has to perform great when wet :D
  17. Just tryin to bring a spice to life :D
  18. Oh you did.........................................and that's a good thing..:nice:
  19. WOW! could not have said it better myself:lol: :lol:
  20. I feel you man. My ex pulled some crazy stuff also. I (to my surprise) didn't take her back after she pulled all kinds of ****. She left me...I tried to get her back blah blah. She went out went some other guy...left him and tried to come back to me. I turned her down.

    It seemed like a ****ty decision at the time but I knew in the long run it was the right choice. There are more fish out there.