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  1. :owned: ...damn bro lol thats one crazy lady you got there...i hope you get things worked out.... and if she is prego i hope you get custody of it she dont sound like shes ready for responsibility. good luck with the stang
  2. thats the thing I ALWAYS used protection. She told me that when she was 16 she was raped and got preg. After we broke up was talking to her mom (actually her grandmother) she was like don't believe her she pulled this pregnant thing before.

    If she keeps it up saying she is I'm gonna be like fine go to MY doctor and get a test because untill that happens I don't believe **** out of your mouth. Then I'd have to wait and see if it even is mine.

    yeah it was bad for a while. One set of anti depressants I was on I had basically a panic attack first and only one i ever had and i took like 4 of them. For a few days I was taking oxycoden (pain killer for those that don't know) just to mellow me out the first day I took 4 of them at once i was pretty out of it i just wanted to fall a sleep. Then I came clean about that. Then I started smoking cigs for a few months but quit that as well. Only thing I do now is drink. After work me and the guy I work with goes to the bar once in a while.

    I kinda hung out wth a chick that was kinda freak punk like. One night she wanted sex but I didn't have my truck i had a friends car so I didn't have any condoms so I said no. We didn't talk much after that she was mad I turned her down I think lol

    Now I'm talking to another girl she mentioned going on a date so we'll see where that goes
  3. welcome back man.

    good luck with that flowmaster exhaust on your truck.

    Hey why dont you just get an explorer motor? Around $500......or so
  4. Hey bro, I was hoping you'd post in here. You ever get your car painted? Last i seen it was like primer orange. Hows the turbos running besides the switch problem?

    Thanks with the problems I've had so far I'll need all the luck I can get. Got the new UPS tracking number so its on its way again.

    OK now on the the motor

    I don't wanna drop money into a junkyard motor and possibly have the same problems I have now. Also you all know I like to be different and thats not gonna change with my motor either. My plan my sound crazy to some but it will be different and thats how I want it.

    BUT I'm not telling my plans untill I know if its what I'm getting