sorry another thread, but i ordered two 12" type r's today

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by zeusmoto, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. thanks again...:)

  2. And I'd like to add that the biggest determining factor for power handling is the enclosure. Just because the driver says it can handle X watts, doesn't mean it can do so in every given alignment.
  3. any pics of the type r subs. never saw them before
  4. no pics but the subs arent rare at all

  5. And I'd like to add that I agree 100%. Power handling is 100% enclosure-specific.
  6. thanks again so much guys
  7. hey man,

    get the 2 ohm models if it aint to late, i used 2 s12 l7 solo baric 4 ohm models, and switched to the 2 ohm models, and wow they sound well, alot crisper :banana:

    nvm, lol i dotn know what i was thinking, for some reason i thought we were using the same amp, dotn mind me i was drunk last night and still feeling it now :bang:
  8. haha well it is too late i got the subs already guys... sorry