Sorry, but im 16 and just got a 04' mustang v6

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  1. I was wondering what all of you meant by keep the cats. I recently got a sponsorship and was wondering if i should get a whole new cat back system or just get new headers and tips.
  2. cats= catalytic converters
  3. why would you ever bother with just tips. Cat backs are good, but if you feel like you want to spend a good deal of money and eventually make it worthwhile, with more spent money on power adders, then you could go with a whole exhaust system.
  4. this i true, if you are going for looks, grab some nice tips, performance get an entire system.
  5. thanks

    Hey, thanks you guys for the help, i dont know much about mustangs cuz i am still young and never was interested till i got one and now i want to know all that i can. thanks for the tips
  6. sponsorship , did you pay 89.99 for that?
  7. ^ mmmm. I like your avatar. Sponsorship... by who? Anyway, get a whole cat-back system, headers, and make a custom Y-pype. I'd give you more info, but my mind is in another place right now and I can't think of anything else to say. Just try looking around this site for awhile and you're bound to find something.
  8. 16 year old got a sponership to fix up his car??? Where the heck did you come across that and can you please get me one?
  9. What is it with these sponsorships? Is this where some tampon company puts stickers all over your car?
    This kid I worked with in High School IMed me the other day saying he got a sponsorship. His car is a stock Matrix. He didn't know how to do a burnout, so he let me try. I pulled the e-brake up and stomped on the gas and the car couldn't even break the tire loose. :rlaugh:
    So needless to say, these "sponsorships" aren't looking too prestigious to me. :shrug:
  10. DISCLAIMER : just because domino's lets you put the sign on top of your car doesnt mean you have a sponsorship
  11. :lol: :rlaugh:
  12. :owned: :lol: :rlaugh: :banana: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  13. Sponsored huh :doh:
  14. im thoroughly confused...
  15. :owned: for sure
  16. Guys, take it easy on him. He's only 16 and i'm sure he didn't join stangnet to be flamed by us or anyone on here. He has a simple question and we should be as helpful to him as possible and NOT bust his balls about him being "sponsord".

    So, anyway, get the catback system and get some headers as well if you can. Although headers on a stock V6 won't do much as far as HP goes, it'll still give you something and look nice to top it off.
  17. :stupid: Don't worry about it MustangRich, some of the people are just having fun messing around. Don't take it personally. I was the one thought that the cobra had a top speed of 320 (I got the hp's messed up and I got crusified for that one, lol). How much $$$ are you getting for it?

    PS: I know worked is gonna make some comment about me and my cobra mix up. He usually has comments like that because when he's not busy smacking hoez at work, he's coming up with wacky comments.
  18. Its cool, i dont care if i get crap for the sponsorship, by the way i would love dominoes to sponsor me so i could get the pizza....mmmm, thanks for the help you have given me and im gonna do that
  19. what sponsorships do you have?
  20. 320mph. WOW, you're awesomely super smart.... Kinda like this guy ==> :spot: