Sorry, but im 16 and just got a 04' mustang v6

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  1. And that's a bad thing? I got pimped out sneakers and gloves. I got some kick ass shades. I got a pimp walk and I'm famous and rich(heir to the 7up fortune). I'm still trying to figure out why on my stang it says 120 when it's top speed is 193 :scratch:

    --Max "Spot" :spot:
  2. :lol: :lol: :spot: <=== He ain't no holla back girl.
  3. I'd like free Pizza :shrug:
    But I'd imagine domino's sponsorship is having that roof light thingy like the drivers do.
    Maybe in his 16 year old world... sponsorship = gettin a job to pay for mods :shrug:

  4. Linz = HAWT :drool:
  5. Says who? Quit ripping on poor spot.
  6. :rlaugh:


    I love le Jamie
  7. sponsership? lol

    his "sponsership" is his parents buying a 16 year old kid a brand new o4 v6 thats a helluva sponsership lmao.... i understand we all start somewhere.....but how does a young kid, who dosent know what CATS are get an automobile sponsership???
  8. :banana: :banana: :banana:

  9. That's not cool.

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    ...Give him a break, he's 16
  10. You know what cats are and you don't have a sponsership :) Give him a break.
  11. bah

    So what. Im 16 and i know what cats are for gods sake. The closest thing to a sponsership i have is a S10 with a huge Prompto sticker on the side that lets me deliver parts to people.
  12. Because who ever is sponsoring him doesn't give two ****s about performance. They probably make like wings, neons, or stickers. Like I said, I've seen some people that get sponsored and I'm never impressed by their cars or their knowledge of them. Most of these things are scams anyways.

  13. :nice:
  14. that whole sponsorship deal is probably something to try and impress others but the kid prolly has a permit and a V6 auto that he cant even drive alone yet in so more likely to just ignore it all or he can say he lied and save the critisicm
  15. It's his car let him do what he wants with it. If someone wants to paint their car pink, who's right is it to say that it looks good or not. It's their car, let them do what they want with it.
  16. Can the guy just tell me who his sponsor is, because i dont see why it was neccesary to tell us that...i want to see if it was actually worth bragging about..
    im not intending to flame, i just would like people to be a little more modest


    Yeh, i just got my 2004 GT and it has a kenne bell 2.2L

    what kind of car wash solution should i use to clean my car off?
  17. That's true. I'm also curious in what kind of sponsorship it is.
    Your example was funny and I bet it was posted once.