sorry for postin here please help

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  1. how do i go futher back in the classifieds. im gettin rippied off by a guy and i need to find his post but im unable to go futher than 8th page. its for an aod. thanks for any help
  2. That will be an Administrator question... I'd contact Timeless2 or Daggar with a PM :nice:

    PS: Good luck with the AOD
  3. Yup, that ones a little over my head. I'd contact one of them for you, but I'm not at home right now. Did you try searching his posts to see if it would let you look further back?

    Click on his screen name,
    scroll down to "Find all posts by *****",

    PM me with this persons screen name and the details of your transaction and I'll see if I'm able to find the thread for you.
  4. Fock, that sucks. Good luck :nice:
  5. I responded to your email you sent in to the support mailbox.
  6. Post his name, we'll pay him a visit- Chicago style.
  7. Testing.