Sorry if I had came off on the wrong foot.

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by WallyKilla, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. BURN!
  2. I TOTALLY AGREE :nice:

  3. :lock:

    As always, I have nothing useful to say.
  4. hey that is e beautiful evo and i really appreciate those cars for how sweet they are, but its a ford mustang forum im just wondering why the evo has 2 pics on ur sig and the mustang none, i mean after all its a ford mustang forum. just wondering tho?
  5. who cares...
  6. i care i care waaaaaa waaaaaa i want my mommy waaaaaaaa lol
  7. Yea, all trash talking aside, I would like to see some pics of your (4tun8) GT. I don't think I've ever seen any before.
  8. This. I'm an import guy, but I own a mustang with a load of mods, I also work at one of the bigger Mustang Parts/Service businesses in North America.
  9. imports are cool but this is a ford mustang forum, have respect for the forum and post a mustang pic on here or im deleting my acount nowww
  10. I actually want to see more pics of the evo!!!!!
  11. Search 4tun8 on Youtube and look at the video of my evo vs kb cobra :(

    Owner claims he didn't spray, passenger says he did :)

    I was at like 450hp (27psi no alky). He made like 650 off the bottle and I think it was running 100 or 150 jets.
  12. :lol: You got RAPED
  13. I smell 3 pages of FAIL. :D
  14. This thread is a cluster****!

    Between this thread and the BFR thread, 4.6 Talk hasn't been this busy in a while.
  15. I was not questioning anyone's intelligence with my post, only pointing out a blatant exhibition of laziness and a fundamental ignorance concerning how to follow the standard conventions of written English. I was speaking in generalizations. My intelligence was questioned, however, and I responded accordingly. It really hurt coming from a member with the name "40oz." :rlaugh: He must have a few Pulitzers sitting on his mantle. :rolleyes:

    Furthermore, this thread is FAIL.
  16. i say we all fire up are xbox 360's or ps3's BTW i have both!:D
    and settle this like real men madden or call of duty modern warfare2 i'll fight all u ****s
    my user name is ps3 mycattle mycattel on xbox LOL:hide:
  17. And I like it!:nice:

  18. about what i would expect with a 10-11 second KB cobra and an evo.
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