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  1. Heya guys, Long time no talk. Sorry its been a while. If you guys remeber about a year ago or less my grandpa died and i was upset. Well shorty after my girlfriend/fiance left me. Its been really hard and i havent talked to anyone. I know i know sounds dumb and bla bla bla. Its just i didnt know what to do at the time. I missed you guys a lot and havent got to post any threads in MONTHS!. Thats crazy.sheft me because i was "to late" tryin to fix things and be a better person. Its not that easy. She wont even speak to me. She doesnt want to see me or anything. We ended up getting back together for a short time and she ended it again. And its been about a week not even and im terrified and lost. I dont understand. She tells me she loves me and i talk to her bout 2 times a week over the phone and all my friends are telling me not to call her, not to hang with her. But i cant just stop. I love her more then anyone in the world and i dont know what to do without her. I cant eat, sleep, think. It sucks. I know she likes some guy. hes 23 and shes 18. I dont really see many options there. But whatever. I dont know what to do. Should i just let her go? Should i keep talking to her. I really dont want to let her go so easy but she just keeps tellin me she needs time and doesnt know if she wants to be with me ever again. I didnt do anything wrong though. Even her own friends agree that she is wrong . But u cant really blame her, its her choice??? She left for mich. with that guy,called me 2 days after we were "hooked for mar." and said that stuff. I cant explain how much im hurting. I sound like a baby but i cry every day,i think bout her everytime i look at my car, EVERYTHING. 3 years and its done. How can some one spend everyday with someone for 3 years and not even feel bad about it. She goes out with friends all the time and acts like it never happened. I hope she will come back but i doubt it. Any advice? Sorry bout all the blabbing but you guys are my last hope. - Andy
  2. No one said love was easy. If you really love her, let her go.
    A: you dont have a choice
    B:you will start healing
    C:if it is love, it will return and stay for good (someday)

    Girls are like that, usually a handful of trouble. I do my best to trust in God's plan for my life, he knows the desires of my heart and wishes to give them to me, in his perfect time. So, have a little faith...and take a step foward without her.
  3. Sorry to hear that. I know it's hard, but it's time to move on. I understand that you love her more than anything, but it is pretty obvious that she does not feel the same way. If she did, she would be with you and not going out with her friends or that guy. Even if she does get back with you, she can and probably will leave you again. She did it twice and she can do it again. Your still young and you'll find someone that will truly appreciate you.

    It sucks, but most young girls usually fall for older guys.

    Don't take anything that I have said the wrong way. I'm just trying to save you further suffering.

    Remember, this is from a girl's perspective.

  4. I did'nt start this thread but the last person I would want to hear from would be a girl . :nonono:
  5. It sounds like someone has some isssues with the opposite sex. I may self find its really enlightening to hear from a woman's point of view on things like this. I'm mean its not like guys will ever trully understand a women right? So why not hear advice from a woman about a woman. This applies to girls also, I'm to A.D.D to read everything said to catch anyones ages :p

  6. Your just sucking up to her because of her avatar pic.


    And at my expense, too, but it's okay 'bro(sarcasm dripping like acid off my pointed fangs).
  7. Well all the help and advice i can get ill take. I ended up seeing her on his new rocket and i bout died crying. it totaly sucked. guys so rich and hes nice hes not a *** or anything so.... :(

  8. Thats why god made Ford Mustangs to play with. :D
  9. Freakintiger, your the man! lol i totally forgot about that post! Aparently it was late when i wrote that...that also was comming from a semi-bitter perspective.
    Lately God has changed my heart a little when it comes to love.

    He ask's that we demonstrate unconditional love, Christ like love towards everyone. That (gulp*) includes the girl/s that have hurt (continue in most cases) us the most.
    In my recent personal exsperience, by laying down my pride and serving rather than Giving with an attached Want...many things have changed with that special girl in my life.
    Yes, R281...young girls are imature...i know plenty of older girls that are imature(sadly). At the same time the girl i love doesnt determine my attiutde or my perspect on what love SHOULD BE. She also doesnt determine my ability to show Real *unconditional* love.....though she sure can make it hard sometimes!! ;)

    Andy, real love is unconditional...real love is by far not easy, but in the end its the only love worth showing or having. I'm still sticking with my first post...your love was/is selfish (dont worry, everyone's is usualy!). Be that constant unconditional guy in her life, even if its only as a friend. As a person, you lead by example. If you really want true love, you first have to know what it is.
  10. Sorry, I didn't mean to get you upset. However, I still stand by what I posted earlier.
  11. You must be in a lot of pain right now. Don't worry, you will feel a lot better. It may take up to a year, but it will happen. Please, try to move on.

    There are plenty of girls out there that will be good to you. You don't realize it now because your emotions are driving you insane, but you will find someone better.

    She's not worth it.

    I hope you feel better.
  12. I have to admit its a really nice pic but I'm a equal oppertunity offender.

    I will have to say this to r281...I really wasn't trying to be a jerk to you the other day on the 6CL talk ( or 4.6 I forget), it just sort of happened. I'm just a** and its very hard for me to surpress my self sometimes. I hope you want hold it against me?
  13. Yeah chicks will play mind games quite often. (Not all of them) Love hurts like hell. But the sea is full of fish. Grab your tackle box and rod and go fishin.

  14. I didn't take it the wrong way. I know your nice judging from your other posts. I just hope you didn't take any of my comments as hostile.

    thanks for your concern though. :nice:
  15. A girl that owns a mustang in california? uh huh...we all know that civics and jetta's are the only thing your gender own out here!
  16. Now theres something you don't see very being refered to as nice :D I would say your post/coments have been nothing short of nice intelligent responses, disspite attemps to derail them by people like me. We are very furtunet to have as many women poster in here as we do, who enjoy cars as much as us guys :nice: I for one like having a point of view from both sides of the sexs, I guess its a Libra thing :p It could be that I just love a women in a HotRod ;)
  17. ...kiss-kiss-kiss :puke:


    Pro-hawk IS IN LOVE WITH r281

    The poor guy who started this asking for help has just been shoved aside by someone using this thread as a springboard for his budding internet romance.

  18. Well its been another long day at work. She hasnet called or anything i tryed called her twice and no answer so i left a msg. " hey meg-pie this is andy just seeing how your doing, talk to ya lata. bye" My buddy said he seen her at the bank and the guy was all kissing on her and bla bla bla. I figured she had found someone better. I dont know what i did wrong and im so confused and lost. Its so hard to sleep and i think bout her every minute so i dont eat. Ive been (sorry but u guys need to know all to understand) barfing at least 6 times a day and cant keep water in. I cry when i wake up and before i sleep. I understand that its gunna take me a while but why so long and why did i deserve this. I did everytrhing for her. She said i tried to late and that she still loves me. I dont get it. She never used to act like this at all. this came from nowhere :(
  19. Nah, I started SN because I was bored and tired of playing internet games. The imformation on cars was and meeting people is a bonus :D


    Besides it could never work out between us...she's a V8 girl and I'm a 4cl guy :( I could never messure up :rlaugh:
  20. I never knew what Love sick ment until I lost a girl once. You really do get sick for the first few days. The best thing to do is keep your self busy, like working and going out with friends. In time things will heal but I wouldn't keep calling her. Its best to give her time to her self to figure out if whats she's done is right for her. Its like the old saying goes, "you never know what you got until its gone." Who knows maybe one day she'll realize how much you really meent to her and she'll come calling you. In the mean time I wouldn't set at home waiting because it could be a few days or a month. One never knows how much time it would take or if it will happen at all.