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  1. i know i know :p ... OK now on to the NEW news. Well what news is good news? yup. Megan (my ex) got the job at a hospital in morris, next to her new man. But she wants to see me tomorrow and i dont see that happening. Also that girl that i been seeing is rather nice to hang with, and we have gotten closer in the past couple days/week. But im not so sure bout her. She is engaged and tells me she doesnt want to be and that she is waiting for a "real man" to steal her away.... :notnice: I dont like the sound of that. I guess its a hint she likes me but thats awful that i know this girl is trying to play her boyfriend.... i dont think i should hang out wid her no more.... :(
  2. your about to get into a backwards situation.
    Just tell her your concerns and if she is any sort of proper gal she will either stop seeing you or let you know that she is just looking for a friend to hang with while she figures out what is going on.

    Marriage is huge for some.
    Personally it kinda scares me, and that is why I am holding back, other reason being money.

  3. :doh:

    I'm glad you're trying to move on with your life but if you do continue on with this girl, you are just comtinuing a visious cycle :nonono: Tell this girl to grow up and call you when she knows wtf she wants. She strikes me as no different than your Ex so if it was me I wouldn't bother with her at all. I wouldn't even try to be friends with her because this will only cause problems in the future between her and her man. I mean what are you guys going to tell him...Hey (new girl talking) this is my friend I ment when I wasn't sure I really wanted to be with your butt :rolleyes: Stay away from both of them and you should be ok for now. Don't give up on girls because there is plenty of Fish in the Sea :nice:

    P.S. Its Saturday get out and have some fun :banana:
  4. Yeah dude that is the same as what your dealing with now, but you are being the other man. You are being an enabler and it is just asking for trouble. If you are gonna just chill with a girl at least chill with a single one so you don't compound the situation any further. Say for instance you are the "real man" and you do steal her away? Everyone involved get's hurt! He could lose the one he think's everything is going great with, and you have to live with the fact that it was you that split them up. I know you don't wish the pain you are in on anyone else. I know things are rough but you need to clear your head and start thinking straight. That situation will not help you in any way. It is a certainty someone will get hurt by you causing turmoil in their relationship whether it was intentional or not. Keep you mind off the girls and get your car fixed!
  5. Umm....

    Put it in her butt and never talk to her again...that is all
  6. Don't listen to him.......well the first part anyways.
  7. yea thats why i said i didnt know about her . I would know exactly what is going on in that guys head and it SUCKS. i dont ever want to see another person the way i am . Its not a way to live and it gets worste the more you think about it. I told her today that we can be friends and thats it. I made it sound like i wasnt ready. I told her im not ready for a relationship and i just want some one there to talk to and hang out with. I didnt want to hurt her feelings and be like. Oh i cant be with u, u gatta man and bla bla bla. I know she will do somthing stupid and break up with him for me. I dont want that though. Not at all. :notnice: . Megan hasnt called me and shes been back from the Bahama's since 10 am. I guess thats good or bad. I dunno. I miss her lots though. Even though things have been looking up and getting more and more clear. :nice:

    P.S .... i bought a rebuilt trans for 200 bux and bout to put it in :p :banana:
  8. Time heals all wounds man.



    She is not the right "girl" for you and that goes for being friends as well.
    What are you going to talk about when she is "just your friend?" How many times the other guy has relations with her or how many guys she plans on sleeping with?
    Remember, this is while you still have feelings for her.

    Don't want to hurt her huh? What happened when you were hurting? She seamed to care a lot..... YEAH RIGHT.

    Uh huh she will dump him for you. Yeah when hell freezes over. She is playing you. Can't you see it?

    That's it, where do you live? I just need permission from my husband and I'm on my way.
  10. what in the hell is this thread about. seriously. I read about 1/2 the first page before I got sick and skipped to the end...and that's not much better haha!

    please tell me this has been resolved and he's gotten over this and moved on??

    if you're this hung up on a woman at your age I would love to come to your town and screw with your mind with some get rich schemes because you sound like the kind of person that just falls head over heels for things WAY too easy.

    I've got this uncle from kenya who left me this fortune and I'd like to cut you this check for $150,000 and you cash it and just send me back $80,000 of it and you keep the rest and....

  11. Thats it.... I'm offically Jealous :p

    Ok all joking aside...I'm begining to wonder if there is any help for Mycarneedshelp :scratch: This new girl is no different than the last girl :nonono: Aagain, I wonder how is this new girl going to explain to her man her new friend (Mycarneedshelp) :shrug: I guess her man could be going through life without a clue or maybe he has someone on the side also :rolleyes:

  12. Hey Pro-Hawk you live closer to him. I don't normally agree with the use of violence as a means to and end, but can you go over there and knock some sense into this poor guy before he get's into more problems?
  13. We need to change his user name to "mylifeneedshelp"
  14. Well that would give me a Good reason to be in Chicago in time for a Comic convention :nice: I know I'm pretty sad uh...I'm that 30 year old guy in the comic stores you see when you're in there :( I couldn't help it..with Marvals Newest releasel deal going on I had to come out of retirement :p Now DC is planing the same thing next year...I only pray my wife can put up with my relapse into my old addiction :D


    Just remember I never said it :D

  15. That's a lie, just so you know. What a dubious truism.

    When one sticks a knife in fecal matter then stabs someone with it, the wound never closes.

    There are emotional/relational equivalents of this.

    Forgive yes, forget never...

    "Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath aught against thee;
    Leave thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.
    Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the officer, and thou be cast into the prison.
    Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing."
    -the words of Jesus as recorded in Matthew 5:23-26

    I want justice.
  16. r281: i didnt say i was getting with her. We been friends before i was dating megan since highschool. I just know she likes me and would break up with her bf. But like i said up there, i dont want to be in that situation. :shrug:
  17. Speaking from experience are you? :shrug:

    And before you flip your top, I was only asking.
  18. We only wished this was true...but the truth is time only helps us deal with our pain.
  19. But what happens if she makes a move on you? What would you do?
  20. Sorry James, I was in a particularly foul mood last night. To answer your question: YES, I AM SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE, AND I HAVE THE GREY HAIR TO PROVE IT.
    I won't flip my top. :D