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  1. This reads much better, I can roll with it.
  2. I watched the movie Babe last nite w/ my boy. When the pig sings "La la la la la la la!" it always makes me laugh.
  3. MyCarneedsHelp, you sound like you are on the rebound. You should just leave girls alone right now and give yourself time to recover from your current trauma. I think it would do you good to have some time to let the dust settle/sort out your emotions, before you get involved with another girl.
    I myself am just exiting a state of hiatus from the opposite sex. One of my friends from church is setting me up with a dance student of his; he believes she is a good match for me.
    I needed enough time to go through the entire emotional range, from sadness to anger, back to sadness, and now apathy/some lingering anger. Now the emotions I feel have very little substance, and I believe I am now ready to move on.
  4. I should rent that movie, I could use some levity/light-hearted humor.
  5. Now that crap is funny!!!!

    Yeah, I finally posted after reading 10 pages of this crap since day one. I went through a break up recently and every time I read this thread, it makes me feel better about my life. Really though, "mycarneedshelp" listen to these people, they have good stuff to say. I wish I could give some advice but I have been on again/off again with my ex. I don't know whats going on either, but I am just glad there is not another guy involved. :shrug:
  6. R281: i dunno what i would do. :( I dont think she will at least im hoping not. You think i should stay away from her ?

    My Black Beast: Sorry i didnt think it was going to last this long. But these people are helping me i do take the advice. Every day i check this thread and i always try to respond because they been helping me make wise decsions. Although some things i do may be dumb time to time i think that ima be ok as long as someones there to listen :)

    Freakintiger: I totaly see what your saying. Amber ( new chick ) is really kool to hang with though. She hasnt said anything to stupid. Its just kinda nice to tell her my problems. Although she doesnt help the situation because i just found out that Amber and Megan used to be CLOSE CLOSE friends. I guess they hate eachother cause Amber used to like me but (and i qoute) "Megan stole me away" . I do remember Megan saying somthing about that to because she didnt want me talking to her for some odd reason. :shrug:
  7. How old are you anyways Mylifeneedshelp? Sorry I'm to lazy to read through 10 pages to look for it :D

  8. :rlaugh:

    i believe he was 19 last time i checked
  9. My boy caught a frog last nite and it's all sad and misses it's wife. However it hasn't complained a bit about the grubs.
  10. Ok well here is some more crap to read about :p I was chilling with some friends yesterday when a weird number came on my phone. I answer it and its Megan. Shes on her moms phone i guess. She was calling because she was coming over to get the rest of her crap. Im waiting there for 1 1/2 before she even calls me, i tryed calling her 2 times and left her a msg " come get your stuff cause i wanna go out" so she finally called me back and said " im not coming over tonight, i dont feel like doing anything " so i just said well stop playing these mind games and get off the bullchyt and hung up. She never called back :( .... Thats not even the worste part. I woke up this morning crying :shrug: I had a really really bad dream about her // It all started when i was going to a friends grave and then megan called my cell. I ended up going to her houser and chilling and i noticed her and her mom talking bad about me whispering and stuff so i left. Then i came back and i noticed megan in a room crying by herself so i RAN inside didnt knock or anything and went in the room and she was crying and i held her and i told her , Dont listen to your mom you need to make a decsion for you. and she said that she loves me but her mom... and then her mom walked in and she started to talk to her and then she went back to the crabby megan. and then she kept saying "no, no, no. Im gunna dump patrick and go out with myy ex. Arent i your ex? No" It was WEIRD. She kept saying no and that i wasnt her ex? but i am, or was or whatever u call it. And her mom was being mean. I never had a bad dream since we first broke up and i kinda feel ... sad. I dont think i should of been so mean to her on the phone maybe. :shrug: wha u guys think?

    Pro-Hawk - I dont expect you to read 10 pages of women problems, lol. I completly understand :nice:
  11. Your situation sounds exactly like mine. Her mom hated me but she had real feelings for me. So the ex and her mom said a bunch of things to frighten her of me(to this day I don't know exactly what). So she completely came unglued because I loved her and expressed my desire to marry her, and evidently the ex gave her an ultimatum with her mom pressuring her to get back with the ex who she adored. So this girl, Melanie is her name, just completely went hysterical when she came over to confront me with her ex(the ex had confronted me the night before, but I told him he was'nt going to marry her, and I would not stop praying for her). That was the last time I ever saw her, and that was 5+ years ago.
    I spoke to her dad, (who knew some low down stuff was going on in his house) about two years ago. He said she dumped the ex and ran off with an airline pilot to another state. So both the ex and her mom lost Melanie. I still pray for her now and again, but I can't see her coming back to me after all this time; it would take an act of God, which by the way I have been praying for since my relationship went south with her.
    What has really hindered me is the fact that vicious lies are what caused her to leave me, but I know my God is going to reveal the truth and I will be exhonorated/vindicated. All I ever wanted for Melanie was for her to be taken care of so she could heal from her many past hurts; how loathsome(sarcasm) of me to want to be the one to take care of her.
    So in conclusion: just give your situation with this girl to Jesus, only he can help you. He helps me everyday. Ya, I've suffered, even to the point of contemplating suicide, but Jesus has been watching over me.
  12. freakintiger: all i can really say is that i never seen this coming. We had a great past with eachother and never denied it to anyone. Her mom doesnt like me cause i dont have enough money. I dont really think that it is the truth but i have a feeling it is. When i proposed to megan her mom said somthing about me getting a better job cause her daughter deserves the best and not to live in some little home... the only thing that i could think of is that AT LEAST ITS A HOME?! some people dont have that. Then when she broke up with me she told me that i was going nowere with my life (* im 19! ) ,that i treated her bad and that i tried to late? :( . maybe bunch of excuses to make things easier so she could be qwith a different guy or sumtin i dunno but i feel you dude. I pray allllll the time, but somtimes it feels like no one is listeing :shrug:
  13. Her mom said you didn't have enough money? Dude, you're 19 years old, you're not supposed to have a lot of money.
  14. That's cool. I was just kidding. This thread has been helping me out too. With my ex, it's one day she completely acts like she wants me back, and then the next day she doesn't want to even see me. I think I have figured out that she has got some serious bipolar issues. :crazy:

  15. EXACTLY!

    If you have placed your trust in the complete sacrifice that Jesus Christ has made for all our sins-God is listening!
    My friend at church has a saying: Facts, Faith, Feeling. The Facts from the word of God, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God , and Feelings last.
    An example:
    In the book of Daniel, specifically the 10th chapter Daniel is given a vision from God (one he does not understand), so he begins to pray and seek God. 21 days pass, and an angel come from the presence of God arrives. He begins by telling Daniel that he is greatly beloved of God(verse 11), and goes on to tell him that from the first moment that he began praying to God; God heard him and dispatched the messenger angel(verse 12). But the "Prince of Persia"(the governor of Persia in the spiritual realm-who is understood to be Satan) stood against him and would not let him pass for 21 days. Then the angel Michael(also one of the chief princes-the prince over Israel to be exact)was dispatched to help the messenger angel for he had the authority from God to make Satan move and let the servant pass.
    This is spiritual warfare. When we pray to God, Satan will do everything in his limited power to make it seem your prayer has not been heard nor answered. It is a deceit and a lie.
    So, sometimes, we have to wait for the answer to prayer; be encouraged and trust the Lord.
  16. Them are some deep words FreakinTiger. Well its almost been 2 days . WOoHOo. lol. I went to Jessica's house "the middle man" and she told me that Megan doesnt know what she really wants. She still loves me but at the same time she has feelings for Patrick.... Well DUH!!! He takes her everywhere and doesnt even see or call me. She also told me megan has been taking a lot of work off for this guy because she spends the night all drunk at his house and then is to lazy to get up... That would never happen when she was with me. We would drink a lil here and there. but shes been drinking ALL week now. I think work is inportant. :shrug: no? Hehe. Also i guess she had gotten that hospital job making 14/hour so shes moving some her stuff to his house to stay there for the week days..... Humm great parenting.... sorry im just being an *** today. Im just so fed up with all this crap, and my buddy is going thruoguh it and he reads these posts and HE KNOWS HIS GIRL IS CHEATING ON HIM AND HE WONT STOP TAKING HER BACK :nice:

    Bla, im off to work guys. FreakinTiger ill be thinkin about that last post :)
  17. Look how it all started.

    You asked us for advice and all of us give you advice. We tell you what you should do and you don't listen.

    This thread started 7-31-04. And so far 255 replies and 1,599 views. It has gone on for 11 pages.

    All of us really and turely want you to move on. And live your life happy.
    So please just stop all contact with her. And her friends.
  18. I should drop all my friends? the only reason they are friends is cause i introduced them.... :shrug:
  19. Thanks

    This explains a whole lot to me. Its a 19 yr old deal...When I was 19 I had a girl leave me for a friend and it tore me up. Hell I went over to his house to beat him up but to ask for her back :rlaugh: It sucked the first 3 days and then it hit me...why the hell was I with her in the first place :D
  20. DUDE !! stop holding on to her crap as an excuse to see her :mad: Take all her crap over to your middle man and dump it off on her/him. If they car for you at all they'll hold it for her to come get it and if they don't throw it out on the lawn :mad: