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  1. This is why I have decided not to reply to this thread anymore. I could see if he was depressed still after a few weeks of Zero contact with her but this crap is killing me :bang: This is probly where I get flamed but I feel bad for you if you can move on after a moth of loosing your G/F. Hell exspecaily if she's and her mom are nothing but Gold diggers. The funny thing is your only 19 years old and there judging you as being broke :nonono: That tells me not only are they gold diggers but their F***ing stupid also :nonono: Just because your parents don't got a million bux lying around don't mean you will wind up broke :rolleyes: Anyways I wish you will and good luck...I wonder if Stingers advice would have been better :scratch: :D
  2. HEY NOW!

    Let us remember that we are the product of our experiences. Sure, we have had our hurtful experiences with the opposite sex, but we have the luxury of looking back on them now, and hindsight is 20/20. So we can see our errors much more clearly than we could when it was happening to us.
    MyCarneedsHelp is still working through his situation, and since everyone is different it may take him more time to recover from his hurt. But that does'nt mean we should trivialize his situation/pain.
    So let's all try to continue to help/encourage him, and not let our 3rd person observor frustrations translate to attacks on the way he's handling this. He's in pain people, and he came to us for help.
  3. your right this thread has went to far. I dont know what else to tell you though i really miss her and im trying my best to do everything you guys tell me. its easier said then done when you want someone you love. Theres no need to reply you guys have helped me enough. I dont expect simpithy ,its just no one has listened to me before and it feels good to know that someone out there is listening. I cant thank you all enough for the help but its time this thread be closed. Thanx lot guys
  4. I was going to post something like life sucks then you die, but I will give you some advice. Follow the following steps:

    1. Accept Jesus as you personal savior.
    2. Find a good church.
    3. Pray that God will send you the a good christian woman. Trust me God can pick a better one than you can.
    4. Tell your ex that you wish her all the happiness with her future, and STOP communicating with her. This means first, second, and third hand communication.

    Remember if you are a child of God you are only passing through this world, and that a MUCH better place awaits you. This is the only good advice that I can give you, and I wish you luck.

  5. I agree, do this MyCarneedsHelp, and you will have the "peace that passes all understanding".
    Jesus loves you.
  6. yodeling
    Irish folk dance

    Take classes until you excel at each.
  7. I wasn't trying to be mean and maybe it sounded like I was but I didn't it to come out in that way. I'm very sorry if it did.

    I understand that he is hurting for her but I wanted him to understand that he can. It's just up to him when he starts. I know it can take up to months or even years but it will happen.
  8. be a man, get a life?

    Oh sorry, this is that touchy feely thread.
  9. I guess I'll make an exception to what I said about not posting here before. The reason being is I don't think Tiger is refering to you r281 but more so me. I don't see this thread helping Mylifeneedshelp if after a month goes by he's seen/talked to this girl 20 days out of 30 :shrug: The things that gets me is this girl is some what of a cheat from what I recall and why he still wants her is beyond me. If one thing I've learned in this life is if they do it once they'll do it again :mad:

    This is probly the best advice anyone can give you Mylifeneedshelp :nice: If you don't own up and be a man now you are setting your self up for some serious Psychological problems later on in life.
  10. Because everybody is not you Pro-Hawk.

    And as far as that "be a man" crap is concerned-that kind of attitude is going to give you psychological problems.
    Wakeup its 2004!

    It's okay for men to cry when someone they love passes away.

    It's okay for men to cry when they, at least in their own perception, feel deep emotional pain.

    And guess what God made man with emotions too.

    I have a handle on my emotions, being able to express them is what makes me a mature, self-confident and compassionate CHRISTIAN MAN.

    And further more I wasn't a man until God's word instructed me how to act/behave like one.

    And by the way don't comment on my post unless you read ALL of it, I know some of us in here are not prone to do so.

    And lastly, this thread has, at its end, become nothing more than a testament to our sound-byte, fast-food, short attention span society.

    Really, how banal(common). :notnice:
  11. Eh, i've been watching this thread from post one (if you look back, there i am)...11 pages later here we are.

    Andy, It's awesome you are reading through this thread and doing your best to take the advice posted here (...some of it is more funny than useful ;) )

    Here is an overview of your situation.

    You someone come in contact with her, she does something you wish she would not. You get hurt, confused, angry.
    Repeat x 11 pages.

    You seem too exspect her to change back into the person you thought you knew. It just isnt going to happen.

    Now we can sit and debate on wether you created an illusion of her being someone she is not, or wether she just changed period...but that is not point.

    Here , now to get past her (the problem) need to move forward.

    To move forward you need to take the collective advice you have seen written throughout this thread.
    1: Break contact
    2: Break contact
    3: Do things, anything, that doesnt involve her.

    4: keep everything in prayer and ask for guidance!

    Like freakintiger said, we speak from 3rd person here. If they had a shirt that said "relationships: been there done that" i would (like most of the people in this room) own it. Also you see people post there advice , most of it is true. It is hard to move forward, but really, for your sake, be a man and do it. Ill happily post another 100 pages to save you some of the suckyness of heartache. Keep up the work, its tough, its never going to be easy, but then again nothing worth having is "easy".
  12. Chiming in again, since this thread won't get locked or die... btw I have entertained myself by posting every so. Anyone else entertained themselves?

    Nothing ever changes, regardless of the year or the generation. Crying? whatever, I was talking about making correct choices, doing right, and being hardcore, MAN stuff. It's fun! It's liberating and healthy.

    Male gender and being a man are different. A man woulda walked outta this situation and be smiling now knowing he did the right thing and was opening the door to future blue skies and good tidings.

    Not whining and wishing and hoping dog droppings could be turned to gold. Wipe it off, move on.
  13. Bingo!! :nice:

    Tiger he CAN NOT begin the healing process untill he makes the correct choice of kicking her @$$ out of his life. This pain will probly be with him the rest of his life and the only thing that will help him is time away from her.

    As for me having Psycological problems...Does it show that bad :confused:
  14. No, not too much.

    Just Kidding! :nice:

  15. I know, I know, I know...where is the smiley holding his head in frustration?
    I just hate to see anyone going through what I did, there are few people I would wish it on.

    Don't worry though-I'm king of the psych problems-takes one to know one! :crazy: