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  1. also bathe and put on fresh underclothes daily
  2. :lol:
  3. Always a good reminder...DANG
  4. :D I'm so happy that your feeling better. Remember, now you have money so you can buy things for your car. Cuz all guys know that having a chick means you got to spend lots of $$$$$ :nice: Make some new mods to your car, so you can hit 12's in the 1/4 mile . Like my Mustang. :)
  5. Make some new mods to your car, so you can hit 12's in the 1/4 mile . Like my Mustang. :rolleyes: [/QUOTE]

    Just Kidding :)

  6. See, the truth always comes out.

    god money i'll do anything for you
    god money just tell me what you want me to
    god money nail me up against the wall
    god money don't want everything he wants it all

    -NIN, Head like a Hole, Halo 3
  7. Do you speak from experience?
  8. He's Back!!!!!
  9. He was gone :shrug:
  10. Sounds like a challenge or something to me :rolleyes: :shrug:

    I had gone thru a break up ...(hmmm) almost 2 years ago I think now. I called one day and her freind told me she no longer wanted to speak to me. I was very confused and I think I tried to call back a couple times and actually get her to talk to me. i found out that day that it was no joke. That night all the pictures and evrything disapeered from my room. This was a long distance relation (ocean apart) so it was a little easier to break up. Eventually We talked again just as freinds, but it was short and uncomfortable. She asked me if there was a chance of getting back together later, I said maybe (at the time I was not looking for another). Just last summer I ended up meeting my current GF, she is great and best of all a little closer ( I got a thing for distance I guess). about 4 months into that I went back home to visit and my Ex-GF wanted to see me. I kept putting it off, cringing at every call. In the end I went and saw her (with a new kid (story gets deeper) ), but never did feel comfortable. After that I realized how much my current GF means to me and how much I dont want to have anything to do with the old. From that day on I have not contacted her since. She tried to email me a couple times but I decide dto ignore it.
    She abandoned me, so I have no feelings for her anymore. I was very sad for about 2 weeks if not more. and alone for many months there after.

    I am much happier with my current GF, she is much better of a person.

    I am sure you will find someone else.
    My advice is to just stop all contact. she will get the point. she seems to not really want to deal with you except when she is bored. I wouldnt allow her to do that. Go back to playing with your car. (I stayed single all the way thru HS playing with mine).

    Good luck man, I am sure you will find another, once your mind is all clear. and best of all you will find her when you dont expect it. you will just wake up one day and be like "damn she is someone special"!!
  11. "r281" you must be new????? I dont recognize the name.

    Is StangGirly still around here?

    two good lookin Stang chicks (females). ;-)
  13. Too bad she is in cali, we need some good looking stang girls in my area
  14. lol kiddi...looks aint everything. I've known some pretty rocking-pretty girls...its all about the personality, seriously. Sure, to start off drool they are pretty etc, but if the exterior is where it ends, oh time my friends introduced me to a girl , she was "pretty", after the first attempt at a sentance from her mouth, i left the room and counted my blessings for being single! :)
  15. LOL you know my ex wife also.
  16. Well after i went to her house and gotten my stuff she called a day later twicee and i didnt answer. I dont wanna answer. The first time was yesterday and she left a voicee mail " hey you told me to call you, so just call me when you get the chance, bye" So i didnt call back and then today she called my house and my dad answered and i guess he told her that i wasnt home and to stop hurting my sons feelings, or somthing along that. I dont agree with what he said though, So then she called my cell phone and i didnt answer again ( :nice: for me ) so she left me a msg saying ... " well i tried calling you and u didnt answer so you can just call me if u wanan talk" not even a bye!. What should i do now? :(
  17. Dude !!! Its Friday...Call your friends up and have some fun :flag: That is an order I mite add also :mad:
  18. Let her have a taste of how it feels. She seems to be using the fact that you told her to call her as an excuse to contact you.
    Seems to me this whole thing started when she abrubtly killed your relationship, that's right, she did'nt try to fix it or talk it out, she just killed it, and got with another guy.
    You say you ended it, so it's over, she made a choice after you gave her an ultimatum, "him or me", and she chose the guy she was just "seeing", not the guy she'd been dating for 3yrs. Now you both have gotten all your belongings and taken down all the pics.
    What could she possibly want to talk about?
    I mean its not like the msg she left started with, "I'm so sorry I hurt you, I need to talk..."
    Until it does, seems to me like NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

    Know what I'd do, I'd get real distant, if she can't see a problem with the way she treated you, and she's dishing up attitude,"...not even a bye!",NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

    When she leaves a message beginning with an APOLOGY, then talk to her, until then I would'nt call her back or nothing, get busy real busy. "Sorry can't talk to you now, I'm busy with something".

    You don't know what you got 'til it's gone! :nice:
  19. Like I said before its a Friday !! Get your self out of the house and force your self to have some fun. Don't be cought at home being depressed, so Find some friends and plan a busy weekend. If the Spiritual Child is dead between you/her theres nothing you can do about it, if its not the time she has without you will show her how much she needs you. I wouldn't bother trying to talk to her until Monday and that is only if she calls you. Now get the hell up and go do something :nice:
  20. Well i just talked to her best friend but also mine, I introduced them so this girl would NOT in ANY WAY lie to me. She just talked to megan and she was wondering why i havent talked to her. or why i didnt answer the phone and i was told by Jessica (the friend) that she isnt dating this guy but she told Jessica that she wants to see whats out there before she devotes her life to me or any guy because she spent all her high school years with me.... :shrug:

    I know it sounds dumb but people make mistakes and if she was TRULEY sorry and ONLY then i would make her earn my love back and maybe one day we could be together but not now. But maybe in a few weeks i want to think of a way for her to know that shes always gunna be in my heart and if she is sorry to face me not be scared but i dont know how im gunna do that cuz i dont want to see her in person Nor call her or answer her calls for a while.