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  1. If she can't stick it out without tasting some or all of the other flavors, how is she going too pull her half of the weight in a marriage. I mean c'mon, once you start sampling everybody else, don't you quickly learn there is endless variation b/w individuals. Following that logic, what would determine her being satisfied after 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., etc. relationships besides yours(I've seen enough now,your the one); where does it end?

    Sounds like an IMMATURE GIRL.

    Still wondering why the divorce rate has crested 50% in this country?!

    Now follow Pro-Hawk's good advice; though, no drowning your sorrows!
  2. im not sitting around at all anymore , you guys helped me along the way and i feel good, im going out of state in bout 30 minutes and then coming back and going sleep. Then im going to Certifit for a bumper cover for my Mustang ( i heard they got cheap ones :shrug: ) after then im heading to work in the morning and then when i get off at 3 im going to the SnoopDogg,Linkin Park,Korn,Used concert in chicago ,Il ( or someone round here ) :D
  3. I agree with Por-hawk and freakintiger. Give her a taste of her medicine.
    She had to choose you or that other guy. If she said "I don't know" then its a NO. If she ever trys to get back with you, make her work for it! Go have fun! Your young and free to do whatever you want. You don't have to worry about calling her to let her know what your going to do or where your going. Or anything else that she might make you do. Don't even sweat about it. The games she's playing is High School *****. Tell her to grow up and that you don't have time for mind games.

  4. :nice: Have a GREAT time! And be careful.
  5. Ya and none of this drinking crap either. If I find out you got drunk and depressed over her I will come kick your Butt :mad: Hey what are friends for :D
  6. Well tonight went well but she went into a friends work and said to him that she wasnt in fact dating this guy and that shes tired of everyone talking **** about how she make me feel bad, shes sick of hearing it and she doesnt care any more and bla bla bla. She said "he doesnt answer my calls, thats fine hes the one that is being like that, i said i wanted to talk to him. Just cuz he came to my house crying , wanting me back and i said i didnt know what i wanted cause i needed time doesnt mean he has to stop talking to me, Im sick of all this **** already " :shrug:
  7. She's just using your friends since you want talk to her. Once she tells your friends, they tell you and you call her. Its a veasous cycle :eek: I would tell you friends to tell her, " Look I'm sorry you two are having problems but I really just want to stay out of it."

    Now this is where you stop listening to me because I'm a A$$ hole by nature :D If it was me I would say,"Your the one that wanted time to think but yet you call me everyday :shrug: I'm sure you are hurting but this crap about coming over and wanting to kiss and hug is Bull chit. This is killing me and it needs to stop! You need to make up your damn mind or leave me the hell alone because I'm to old for these damn high school childish games."

    Sorry but like I did warned you, I'm not a nice guy :p I would take the hint as r281 mentioned that she ment NO when she said, "she would think about it." Its a damn game designed for you to chase after her or some other crap.

    Now tomorrow is Saturday...if you don't have to work call some friends up and go to a show. When night falls go hang out on the drag and catch a few street races. Theres nothing like a illegal street race to clear my head of BS :nice:

    Same goes for Sunday unless your a Morman and can't spend a dime on Sunday. If thats the case go rent a ton of movies are something so you got things to do come Sunday.
  8. I can see her using my friends. But i dont understand why she would drive all the way over here to my Ace when one is near her house :shrug: . Also she called me this morning and i didnt answer. I dont want her to think i hate her. Yea im very upset at her cold decsion and the way shes treating the situation but like my other post....

    "I know it sounds dumb but people make mistakes and if she was TRULEY sorry and ONLY then i would make her earn my love back and maybe one day we could be together but not now. But maybe in a few weeks i want to think of a way for her to know that shes always gunna be in my heart and if she is sorry to face me not be scared but i dont know how im gunna do that cuz i dont want to see her in person Nor call her or answer her calls for a while."

    I was thinking about leaving a msg in my voice mail bout people making dumb mistakes and later in life regreting them or bla bla bla... But its too soon right now. :shrug:
    I know i seem like a dumb chit but im just getting more confused by every move she makes, she's called me 4 times in the past 3 days and i havent answer and i feel like the a$$ now.... :(
  9. I'm not sure what I would do in your shoes about talking to her. I don't think ignoring her calls is going to help much in the ways of getting her back but who knows. Its probly not a good idea to leave msg on your phone talking about mistakes blah this is childish also and your trying to be the bigger person. I would probly answer the phone if she calls next time and very nicely explain that you are confused about this whole deal. I would just explain that:

    "I'm trying to have some time to my self to sort things over in my head and at the same time trying to give you your own space. After all this is what you wanted to begin with. I'm sorry you keep hearing about how much I hurt and I'm sure you are dealing with your own pain. This pain in my heart is more than I can bare at times and why I haven't been answering your calls. I just would like to know if its over or not so I can begin my healing process and go on with my life."

    This I guess would put the ball in her court (again) and force her play. But who knows, its not like I know enough about women :p Anyways its Saturday get up and have some fun :banana:
  10. Female mind game! Dont let her guilt you into any decision. The past few days you havent talked to her, can you look back and say they were better than when you were talking to her and she was doing her own thing? Id say ,though its not easy, your doing better now then you were when you were talking to her.

    She may go pull some crap with friends or people she hangs out with, but you know the truth in the situation...and deep down, she does too. Her actions are catching up and she is not happy about it...too bad, SO SAD!

    Like prohawk suggested, think about it next time she calls. Pick it up and tell her what's going on...something to the extent of (mind you i love "what goes around comes around")

    "hey, well this past week i have come to some reliazations, yes i care for you and i see that your struggling with comitment. As far as i know love, i never had to taste other flavors to figure out you were my sorry that isnt true for you. Some of the stuff going on in my head and in my heart has opened my eyes to the bigger picture, i dont want you to think im mad at you or anything, but i believe i deserve better. I dont want an imature relationship...a mature relationship doesnt end up like ours did.(past tense) Right now im waiting and healing, whatever it is that God has set aside for me, that is what i want. Please dont think im mad at you or that im going out of my way to be a jerk...Sure i still care for you, but at teh end of the sunsets, and my sunrises in the morning ...and none of that is dependant on you. I'm sorry things didnt work out"

    Something like that, apply as nessicary. Basicly she left you hanging while she went to play, now your not there when she gets back. The bible says " you will harvest as you sow" ...if you plant heart ache, you will get heart ache (evenutally). It also says "do onto others as you would like done to you".
    By taking this road, you are living that verse. How easy it things would have been had she had the common denceny or even enough care/love/respect for you to say what i just typed (or something like it). Had she said'd atleast be able to move on easier. Be the mature one, dont act in anger or bitterness...but do act with resolve and self-respect....full well knowing there is someone out there who will love you the right way.
  11. Listen to Pro-Hawk and mr_woodster, I'm not even going to really type anything but my agreeance with their advice to you!
  12. I think Mr Woodster's is better put than mine :nice: I'm mean that whole line on tasting flavors should get his point across really good.

  13. I was first with the "flavors", post #61. mr_woodsters is #70.

    Oh no, it's my competitive streak!
  14. I agree.
  15. Ok well see how things go. I just got back from the concert and it was great even though they played hers and mine song i didnt let it get me down. I talked to her bestfriend and i guess shes not calling me any more :shrug:

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  17. O great...I wonder what its going to cost us to use this from now on :shrug: :D

  18. LET'S MAKE A DEAL! just occurred to me that the quality of the content of this thread is flatlining fast, putting it in danger of being locked out,shhh-shhh...did you hear something?