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  1. well i do feel a lot better now thanx guys and girls :D Everytime i think bout her i think about the great advice i was givin. Ive been able to sleep a lot better and i been eating well... I really really miss her and i cry :( but that will end. And i know it will cause there is someone out there.
  2. I'm glad that that things are going better for you. Just give it some time you'll feel better.
    In the long run would you want to be with a person like that?
    You can fine someone a lot better than her!

    Have a great day! :nice:
  3. Well I'm glad you're learning to cope with this :nice: Now I don't know if you know this but I will tell you anyways...God made Mondays so we could look Forward to Fridays :banana: This being said you got plenty of time to think of something to do this Friday. Untill then I gotta :spot:
  4. Well after ignoring her calls and text msgs i decided to go to her house after work. I later found out she wasnt home and so i would try later.... but that didnt work out . I called her and she was being weird as hell. I couldnt point mym finger on it but it seemed like she was with some one cuz of all the 1word answers. Then i asked if she was coming home maybe i could see her and she told me no that she was spending the night with her"new" man.... :( :( :( so i told her maybe i could see her tomorrow then and she said not likley.... why would she call me ? if shes gunna act like this?? :shrug:
  5. she is trying to get back at you for not returning the calls.
    Be the stronger one and dont let it bother you, especially dont let her know it is bothering you.

    Dont be desperate.
    Give both of you space.
    You going over there just confirms to her that she still can manipulate you.

    again, dont let her bother you. show that you are still there, but dont be a dog at her heels waiting for her to toss the frisbie.
    sorry if I am blunt or rude. cant think of how else to say what I want to say.

  6. :bs: What is she trying to prove telling you that she is going to spend the night with her new man? She is no longer the person that she was when you were with her. I think she has changed for the worse. :mad: Or she is playing mind games with you? Your the one that knows her the best.
    I'm not trying to be mean but is she that EZ? :shrug: Would she really do something like that?
    I hope you don't let her get to you. Or maybe its time that you guys go your separate ways and live your life happy. :nice:

    Don't let her get you down. :)
  7. I just think we need to go over there and kick the crap out of him :p
  8. yah, I know
    Kick him in the Nuts, I bet he will forget all about her then!

    RUNNNNNNNN!!!! he's after me...
  9. well that would feel better then my broken heart... she called me and i ended up going over as friends. Nothing said bout i love you, i miss you ONLY as friends... She sat far from me and didnt speak much./ Then i asked her if she was busy at all this week maybe we could catch a movie or sumtin as friends since we havent seen eachother in 2 weeks and she said no because it "hurts" and she feels "weird" around me . :shrug: .. I dont know why she bothers to call then cuz i dont want to be phone friends... why does this happen to people? why cant people be honest and true to one another ... This sucks :( kick me in the nuts 10 times and it would probably feel better and if not i must deserve somthing for what i supposivly did to her to make her feel like this .... :nonono:
  10. Ok here's what you do, go down and buy a book called, "Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars." Read this book cover to cover and during this time of reading it have ZERO contact with this girl. Once you've read that book let me know and we will go from there ok :shrug: This book is really well written and not ment as a joke either.
  11. :lol: That's funny! :rlaugh:

    :shrug: I don't know what to tell you.
    Things will never be the same with you and "that girl!"

    Tell her to give you a call when she knows what she wants.
    I think it will be better for cause it will save you the pain.
    You guys can't be friends after being together for three years.
    It will be so hard to be with her cause you guys won't be able to kiss or anything else you've done together. Are you ready to see with another guy? :rolleyes: Cause you won't be able to tell her she can't do that cause you guys are just friends.
    Please Let her go and if she really loves you then it was meant to be, But if she dosen't then you'll fine someone that you most likely be happier with. I know its hard be it's all up to you.
  12. Ask her what you did that was soooooooo wrong of you.
    If she says that you should know then she is just playing games with you. :nonono:


    :lol: Just kidding :lol:

    Smile! :)


  13. So she was with you exclusively for about three years, now after a break-up that happened what was it two weeks ago, she's sleeping with some other man? Do you know this guy?
    This is 2004, and if you never ever want to forget this girl get AIDS/HIV from her after she's gotten it from her "new man". IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!
    Drop this girl; she is going to destroy herself and will take you with her if you let her!
  14. This is like my Pet Pee here. This whole thing about we can still be friends chit. Only once in my life has this ever happened and it was with someone I had known years before we dated. Looking back on this we both realized we should have just kept our relationship to being good friends.

    When you build a relationship with someone you build whats called a "spiritual child." Through your relationship you both have to take care of this child in order for it to live. Once this so called Spiritual Child is dead there is nothing you can do to revive it :( The thing you need to realize is that this has happened and you need to move on with your life. Its a greving process but once your through greeving things will get better. Now in orger for the greeving to stop you have to stop prosueing this chick. If she calls tell her to go talk to her new man. If she says she don't have one, tell her to go find one and leave you alone. You havegot to stay away from this chick longer than a few days and clear your damn head before I get r281 on your butt :D Also Read that book I mentioned !!!!

  15. That would probably help him out quite a bit. :D
  16. That's not nice. :notnice:

  17. I'm such a cad*! :rlaugh:

    * a man without gentlemanly instincts
  18. No seriously, it's a compliment spurred by your somewhat self-agrandizing avatar image, something more modest may garner less notice, but get you less attention(subconscious motivation for using such a saucy pic?).

    Now that's not nice!

  19. :rolleyes: yes you are.

  20. I completely agree with you. :) I have chosen that avatar because it gives my words a greater chance of being read. As soon as I got it, people paid more attention to what I had to say. By the way, I'm not an "attention whore."
    You would know this if you read my initial posts. I am that girl in reality. However, I don't usually dress like that and I wear glasses most of the time.

    Sorry for getting off the topic again. :(