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  1. glasses are cool! StangGirly wears glasses. shes good lookin to.

    chicks and stangs, nothin better!

    Listen up man, we are all telling you to completely drop her. stop crumbling and calling her and going to her house. Like R281 said (and couple others) wait untill she has something to say along the lines of I am sorry, and I want to make this work.

    you will be alright without her. I am sure of it. It will just take a little bit of time. Find another better gal and you will be back on your feet quicker.

    I found that for some reason when in these situations. One can not think well. I couldnt when I was in much the similar situation. Let us help you think.

    I cant believe I am giving advice on this type of thing LOL
  2. It's good advice. :nice:

    Thanks for your comment on the glasses issue.

  3. A.: I never called you that sweetheart. Sorry if I offended you, I'm in a pissy mood(I knew when I typed it out I should have deleted it, but...), but I was right on the money was'nt I?
    (By the way I like pretty, yet bookish(nerdy) girls who wear glasses, and to top it all off your a brunette too!)

    B.: Don't worry about it, these things never seem to stay "on topic" anyway.
  4. No worries. I don't easily get offended. I hope you didn't take things I said the wrong way. I wasn't mad or anything. I guess I just assumed to much.

    Cheer up. There's no need to be in a bad mood. :)

  5. If you say so Doc. :D

  6. Just take two pills and call me in the morning. :)
  7. Dang, gone for a couple of days and you guys spam up a perfectly good thread about Love!

    Who here knows what "Love" is?
    (look's in it!)
    You say you love your car and you say you love pizza,you
    love your mom or dad and you love your girlfriend (or boyfriend)...surely you cant be serious...
    ( "of course im serious, and dont called me surely")

    What is Love to you? We use the word so flippently and as such a blanket statment, but really think about it. If you had to write the dictonary deffinition of "love", how would YOU define it?

    When it gets down to it, do you love your car the same as you love your wife or girlfriend? Do you love your dog(or cat) the same as you love pizza? Tell me, what IS Love?
  8. Love is when your with a person and you could look in her dark eyes and swim in the ocean for hours or days and never be bored, when you touch her fingertips and it sends chills up your sping. Love is somthing you can only feel not fake. When you love someone or somthing it changes a whole perspective on life. Love is the most strongest feeling in the world and somtimes it is mistakin for lust... But when you can hold her for days, tell her how much you care without worrying about how she might react. Love is like a rubberband... if you hold on just right things will expand, but if you pull to hard then its broke.... :shrug: ... i dont really know how to explain it....
  9. Are you talking about your feelings for "her?"

    Have you read all of our posts?

    I understand you still have feelings for her but thinking about them only make's you hurt more. :(
  10. I agree...this sounds more like personal feelings than love. Maybe more infactuation for someone than actual Love. This could be a reason they are not together as we speak. We often to people who we care about for granted and ignore signs of trouble in a relationship. Knowing what little I know about women is they don't come out and tell you anything Directly.Instead its said all in Morus Code to us guys :bang: I'm really no trying to be down on girls but its a fact we comunicate in different ways. Like when a girl ask you, "How was your day," she is basicaly saying she wants to talk. I really think this guy needs to do my book assignment and leave this girl alone for a while.

    As for true love, in my eyes we don't find Love as much as we would like to think we do. Love to me is very Rare to come by expsecaily into days world. We are blinded by those age old problems like Lust and greed which keeps us from seeing the truth about someone or our true feelings towards our partners. In most cases I think people marry because they are lusting after someone are looking for security in a person. I believe most girls marry because of the security a man can offer. Now before you girls flame me over this I do realize into days world there are woman that bring the bacon home. Now in some rare cases men will marry a women for security. As for the lust thing I'm sure you can figure out why people marry over that one ;) If you don't know this, they say the number one reason men marry is because of ***. I'll leave that one up to your imagination on what it is :D
  11. a few months ago i was in your same spot. been with her 2 years, she left me out of the blue, everything just went downhill. she was my first long term girl, loved her dearly, best thing i could do is not think about her, and not talk about her. she called me the other night and i picked up, i shouldent have, cause everytime hear her i get upset. not beacuse miss her, beacuse shes not the same as i thought she was when she was with me..

  12. I'm sure he really means how lucky he is to have someone as nice looking as your are ;)
  13. WTF a Play Boy ad on SN :scratch: It was in the lower bottom where there "married to him" crap usualy is. That is pretty bad taste in my book :nonono:

    I call :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs: On SN :mad:
  14. I wouldnt of guessed that r281
    was married already. With the small picture I guessed end of HS or so.

    Then again,
    I am looking at gettin hitched, and my GF is kinda young. The important thing is that she understands (or accepts) my insanity for cars.

    ohh yah, this post is suposed to be about dumping mean ex's. ooops!!!

    Just forget about her man, you will be better off by far. the more I hear the more I get sick. She abviously isnt sure what she wants. You seem to know what you want. But if the two dont match then dont hit it with a larger hamer, you will just cause more damage!

    You know what. I say go to some chat rooms and chat with some local girls, you might find one you like. then again you could just get a great laugh outa half of em!

    LET GO!!!!!

  15. Yup. I'm married to a mustang guy. I thought you knew already..oh well. He's the one that taught me so much about Mustangs.
    Go in the Copacabana. I started a thread that starts something like this: pasadena pics (my last pic thread for today) you'll see another pic of me that shows my age a little better.

    (back to the main topic)

    Where's mycarneedshelp? I hope he's okay.

  16. I didnt see a pic of you, all I saw was that Jag :drool::drool::drool::drool:

    nah, your good lookin to, here you get one of these to :drool: and :banana:

    :rlaugh: Nope never heard of you untilll just this month, I have been away for awhile. got bored of the same questions and same chat.

    I am sure he is ok. if not he would be on here telling us.
  17. Yea im ok. I just got back from the race's and my car did crappy on top of all this... i dont know what went wrong. I installed a B&M shift kit and it was fine but now 2nd and up dont shift and barely reverse.... :shrug: Man is my month just gone to hell.... :notnice: :(

    Thank you god that i have some good people on stangnet and bless them dearly for helping me through this tough situation in my life. Bless thier hearts as they have with mine , you guys are in my prayers and thank you so much for helping me, im sure there is more to come and i cant thank you enough for everyone being there for me. It feels good to know i have some friends out there. No i havent met most you in person but i have some and you are all good people and no one needs a social worker when you have a family of stangers out there. THanx so much :( :nice:
  18. odd, from the moment you posted i knew you were hitched....and i have never seen any other post by you ;) man, i am good! :spot:

    The reason i posted the question "what is love" is to try to get an insigth to where you are comming from. Look back in your post as see how many times you used the "feel" (or its derivatives). Love is so many things and the least of which is feeling. God defines himself as "God is love". Thats a pretty kick butt statment if you think about it. Later on love is somewhat defined in the bible as

    4Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; 5does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 6does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    8Love never fails.

    (1 Corinthians 13:4-8a)

    You see, the first thing you should know about love is, its a verb, an action. That verse is like the 10 comandments of love in the fact that none of us will ever live up to it fully. But the good news is this, if you seek to love in that described fashion, look at the last verse and see the promise, "Love never fails"
    Think on that for abit...and remember that when the time comes for your next relationship. Its tough now im sure, but put your hope in God, becuase he does have an awesome future lined up for you , if your willing.
  19. :nice: :nice: :nice: Anytime